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Trade Paperback
336 pages
Nov 2006
Bethany House

Revealed (Fountain Creek Chronicles #2)

by Tamera Alexander

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Revealed, the second novel from the Fountain Creek Chronicles, tells the continuing story of Annabelle Grayson McCutchens.  Author Tamera Alexander weaves a poignant tale of restoration and forgiveness in the sequel to Rekindled.

The prologue begins with the death of Annabelle’s husband Jonathan.  In a moment, their dreams of a future together on an Idaho ranch are shattered.  Still, Jonathan’s dying wish is for Annabelle to continue to Idaho to take ownership of their ranch—and to rear their unborn child.

When Annabelle hires her estranged brother-in-law as a trail guide, the two of them are forced to come to terms with their shameful pasts and mend a relationship that has never truly existed.  They set out for Idaho with grudges that they must learn to abandon like wagon burdens by the trailside.  The challenge is to leave their pasts behind them while still dealing with the consequences of their old lives.  Along the way, the pair must also escape bounty hunters and rescue a friend of Annabelle’s from prostitution.

The book’s pioneer/romance setting is certainly nothing new in Christian fiction, and Revealed does get a bit stereotypical and preachy at times.  Still, Alexander’s book is refreshingly deep.  She explores human nature and emotions as she paints a vivid picture of healing and reconciliation with genuine, endearing characters, and a captivating plotline.

Overall, Alexander achieves a wonderfully balanced mix of romance, adventure, and humor.  She guides the reader on an unforgettable journey from Colorado to Idaho, from brokenness to healing, from ashes to beauty.  Revealed is a charming, compelling story with a strong message of restoration through Christ.  It will easily sweep an adult female audience off her feet.

Note: Revealed strongly advocates sexual purity, but it does seem to overstate its case, making sensual references on almost every page. – Rose Rider, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Annabelle Grayson has been given a second chance at life, but she can't claim it with the cloud of her past hanging over her in Willow Springs. After her husband dies, she advertises for a trail guide to accompany her to land waiting for her in Idaho--and a most unlikely candidate applies for the job.

Matthew Taylor is a man on the run, with consequences of past mistakes pursuing him at every turn. Meeting Annabelle Grayson the first time was unpleasant enough, but when she crosses his path again, her presence in his life--and what she reveals--is devastating. If given a single wish, Matthew would turn back time and right a grievous wrong. If given a second wish, he would make Annabelle Grayson pay.