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Trade Paperback
192 pages
May 2006
Bethany House Publishers

God's Ground Force: What Happened When One Church Dared to Leave the Comfort Zone

by Barbara Sullivan

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Godís Ground Force is a modern-day book of Acts. Simply written, and with a profound emphasis on spiritual principles, these pages vibrate with holy enthusiasm and helpful advice. Although the author takes readers on an incredible journey into the realm of absolute reliance upon God, she expresses herself with quiet humility. Her words offer a challenge for all believers to leave their comfort zones and to find a place of service within the Body of Christ.

This story begins as a quiet whisper of unrest. The author acknowledges that she wasnít happy with her life, yet she couldnít understand why. As the pages turn, readers will see the very real presence of the Holy Spirit leading her and her family into a deeper and more significant walk with Christ. In many ways, the events in this account could not have happened without Divine assistance. It seems almost impossible for a small core of believers to have such an impact on the world around them, but itís all absolutely true. And whatís more, this type of work can serve as a model for any Christian who chooses to become completely dependent upon the Lordís guidance and power.

The first-person perspective creates an intimate bond between the author and reader. Although Barbara Sullivan has seen the amazing activity of God in her life, her words are never dogmatic; rather, they are filled with sweetness and sincerity. She honestly presents the obstacles as well as the opportunities that have come her way. Itís as if she reaches out her hand in a gesture of invitation to anyone who desires to join her on this Christian adventure.

This book will have every believer longing to become part of Godís Ground Force! Ė Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The Remarkable Story of One Church That Dared to Leave the Comfort Zone.

Transformation doesn't require a large congregation or a highly paid and trained church staff. The only important ingredient for both personal and community transformation is a heart wholly committed to God. Let this true story of simple faith and obedience inspire you to leave the comforts of the hum-drum Christian life and launch out into the deep with Him so that you can bring the life-changing love of Jesus Christ to those who desperately need it. Challenging, honest, and full of spiritual insight, this book will ask you the hard questions and dare you to believe God for a life of faith that is both exciting and fulfilling.