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368 pages
Mar 2007
Bethany House Publishers

The Heir

by Paul Robertson

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Paul Robertson has written a stunner for his debut novel, The Heir, in the same vein as T. Davis Bunn and Robert Whitlow.

Jason Boyer has just lost his father, billionaire Melvin Boyer. Knowing he will inherit a trust fund, Jason is content. He does not want the power and greed that goes with the billions. Then life throws him a curve. Jason not only inherits the majority of the estate, a billion dollars, but the corrupt power structure Melvin had created.

Jason does not want the money or power. However instead of turning it down the billions, he picks up gauntlet issued by his lawyer, wife and brother. Because of that one choice, life-threatening events are put into motion. Events he has no control over.

Robertson’s characters are well defined. Jason’s subtle humor caroms around the pages.

The Heir is an interesting crossover book. Though murder does occur on several occasions, the details are not graphic. I appreciated the fact that though Jason is married, the author does not have any inappropriate scenes.

A word of caution to the reader: if you enjoy reading books where Christian principles and God’s love is sprinkled through out the book, this book is not for you. In fact, God is mentioned only three times, and those times occur during the last three pages. Robertson’s story lives in the emptiness of riches and power without a Savior.

So, if you are looking for a good suspense novel with very little Christian overtones, I recommend this book. – Victoria H. Borgman, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Wealth. Fame. Power. Murder.

Jason Boyer Just Got an Inheritance to Die For

The fortune wasn't supposed to befall him.

Jason Boyer had known all along his father's business empire would pass to different hands. Which suited him just fine. The money was crooked and the power corrupt. But when an accident claims the old man's life, everyone is stunned by the unveiling of the will.

With the passing of the Boyer crown, power-hungry politicians and shady business partners all try to force Boyer's hand. Fighting the temptation of influence and riches, he simply wants to be a better man than his father—but attempting to stand for what's right soon brings murderous consequences.

As those closest to him are endangered—and news emerges that his father's accident may be something more sinister—Boyer finds himself fighting for his soul…and his life!