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Trade Paperback
208 pages
Jan 2004
Bethany House Publishers

Becoming the Woman I Want to Be: A 90-Day Journey to Renewing Spirit, Soul, & Body

by Donna Partow

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"Popular speaker and author, Donna Partow's Becoming the Woman I Want To Be is a 90-day journey to renewing spirit, soul, and body.

"This guide is designed for any woman who seriously desires to make a concentrated effort toward spiritual and physical health. Each day includes a scripture to memorize, a Bible passage to read, guided prayer, and space to journal your own prayer from the heart. Soul care includes an affirmation to recite, an action to take, and an attitude adjustment. Body care features exercise and diet.

"Partow's exercise is do-able, even for me whose life motto is every time I feel like exercising, lay down until the feeling goes away. When I even say the word exercise, I quickly wash my mouth out with chocolate. Partow's plan is a gentle build-up based on a combination of research's most tried and true recommendations for healthy results. I began with a couple minutes of bouncing on a rebounder (my preschooler accompanied me on the couch), added in a few minutes of walking, and eventually included some optional strength training (beyond lifting grocery bags, toting laundry baskets, and pushing the vacuum).

"Her diet improvements concentrated on vegetables where mine has always favored fruits. Cocoa beans grow on a tree which makes them a fruit. Painlessly, Partow introduces a multi-vitamin, Ester-C, and lemon water. She adds palm-sized servings of protein and unlimited raw and steamed vegetables (as opposed to fruit. Sigh.). As with the exercise, the author's adjustments are do-able and based on solid research.

"The beauty of this self-contained package is that all the related scripture is printed in the book, the 90 affirmations and scripture memory cards are included in the back for easy removal to carry with you throughout the day or post in a strategic place.

"The only thing Partow could do to make spiritual and physical renewal easier would be to do the exercise for us. The program can't help but provide quick results. Those who are disciplined could complete the program on their own, but it's far more enjoyable to do with a friend or as a group. A leader's guide is included to make even that idea easy. " -- PeggySue Wells, Christian Book Previews

Book Jacket:


Are You Becoming the Woman God Wants You to BeóA Vessel He Can Use?

Donna Partow knows that good intentions arenít enough, so sheís created an easy-to-use plan for better spiritual and physical health. In this 90-day journey to renewal you will:

  • Immerse yourself in Godís Word and grace
  • Develop a deeper, more intimate prayer life
  • Practice healthier eating habits
  • Start a fitness program you can follow for life

If youíre like Donna, youíve tried a lot of ways to improve your life. Now is the time for results! In three months youíll be well on your way to becoming the woman you want to be. What do you have to loseóbesides bad habits and perhaps a few excess pounds?

A leader's guide is included.