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Trade Paperback
288 pages
Aug 2005
Bethany House Publishers

Dear Enemy

by Jack Cavanaugh

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Nurse Annie Mitchell and her new husband Keith are called away from their honeymoon as a precautionary measure, little dreaming that they will be caught up in WWII’s bloody Battle of the Bulge. An impulsive mission to rescue Keith goes awry, leaving Annie’s friend Mouse dead. Before Keith and Annie can make it back to the American lines, he is killed and she is captured. Annie’s only thought is escape from the wounded German soldier who shot her husband, but the enemy’s behavior begins to threaten her preconceived notions. Could a murdering Nazi actually have compassion?

A gripping story beautifully told. Building on the success of his previous WWII novels, Cavanaugh crafts a unique tale of the darkness and light struggling in Europe during that time. He delves deeply into the lives of his two primary characters, bringing their emotions and motivations to the surface, especially Annie’s complex struggle. The skillful plot matches the characters and never seems contrived, though the ending leaves readers wanting another chapter or two. This is an excellent read. -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Nurse Annie Mitchell, after seeing firsthand the atrocities of war, has concluded, along with most of her fellow Americans, that the enemy is inhuman and thoroughly depraved. But when a rogue rescue mission ends in tragedy, a bereft Annie finds herself in the middle of Belgium's Ardennes Forest, behind enemy lines—and captured. What transpires in the bitter cold of the following days, however, is impossible for Annie to reconcile with her preconceived ideas about the enemy.

Her captor, Karl Hausmann, doesn’t fit the stereotype she has embraced—and the encounter changes everything for her. Tested by prejudice and the separation of time and continents, Annie must build on this awakening if life and love are ever to hold any true meaning for her again.

Dear Enemy is a story of heroic love, faith, and the unexpected, emerging in the wake of one of WWII's most fierce and bloody battles—the Battle of the Bulge.