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Trade Paperback
400 pages
Feb 2005
Bethany House

Jesus: An Intimate Portrait of the Man, His Land, and His People

by Leith Anderson

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It was evident from the very first pages of Jesus: An Intimate Portrait, that Leith Anderson has done his research. It is also evident that wonderful insight and imagination played a role in this amazing work.

Jesus: An Intimate Portrait is a work of explosive magnitude that mediates between the greatest story ever written and the readers quest for understanding that story. It makes the account real, personal, and vivid to the reader. By fictionalizing the possible thoughts of the Biblical figures, it brings the people to life, presenting them more realistically, more human, and with greater interaction.

Anderson masterfully heterodyned available historical evidence, Scriptural accounts, and beautifully thought out composition, into a fast reading and enjoyable book.

With uncanny creativity and sensibility, the author takes us on a personal journey through another time, another culture, and helps us as we ascend to yet another level of spiritual awareness. It is truly a wondrous effort and a lasting experience for anyone who reads it.

Bravo, for your insight, research, and courage. – Dr. Wesley Rose, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

JESUS the CHRIST—His Story Expanded to Include the Culture, Politics and the Personal Relationships That Shaped His World

Come explore the life of Jesus in this new biography that harmonizes and synthesizes the four Gospels from the Bible in chronological order. In vivid detail, it weaves in the first-century setting—historical, societal, and political perspectives of the time with contemporary readability. Well researched and finely crafted, this book will provide you with a new understanding of Jesus—an obscure rabbi with a handful of followers whose imprint is found in every generation that came after him.

Here is a superb introduction to the most significant person in human history as well as a fascinating new approach to Jesus’ story for those very familiar with the original biographers’ accounts.