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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Nov 2004
Bethany House

Double Vision

by Randall Ingermanson

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Keryn Willis writes mysteries and longs to quit her day job as chief financial officer at the nearly bankrupt CypherQuanta. Especially when she’s called away from her computer for an emergency meeting. Her boss, Grant, has an important announcement. Thanks to the behind-the-scenes work of Rachel Meyers, Grant’s unofficial “niece,” CypherQuanta is close to creating the world’s first quantum computer, which will be able to crack any encryption system currently available.

Rachel, an unstructured free-thinker whose beauty belies her brains, already has the qubits – quantum bits – to form the bio-computer, and all they need is completely new hardware and software to make it work. And in three weeks. The solution? Grant’s senior engineer, Dillon Richard, a meticulous genius with a rare form of autism known as Asperger’s syndrome. He views everything literally and has unusual abilities to concentrate.

Grant assigns Rachel and Dillon to work together on the quantum computer in a secure lab. While their only common ground is their brilliance, after a few days things are running smoothly between them. Until someone leaks the bio-computer and messes with Dillon’s programming. Dillon and Rachel blame each other, and Keryn is appointed negotiator, doubly hard because of her attraction to Dillon and perception of Rachel as competition.

When they realize neither Dillon nor Rachel is responsible for the mistakes, the three know someone’s onto them. Rachel refuses to give her secrets to the government, and soon she, Dillon, and Keryn find themselves on the run. They don’t know whom to trust, and time is running out.

This brilliant suspense twister has a plot to keep your mind puzzling and your heart racing, but it’s more than just a thriller. Vivid characters add depth, insight, and a strong spiritual message that won’t leave a sticky sweet taste in your mouth. Readers of Ingermanson’s previous books will enjoy the distant connections to both series, and the action and emotion in this novel will appeal to men and women. -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Rachel Meyers and Dillon Richard are about as opposite as two people can get. She is quirky, erratic, and liberal—and she despises the government and the constraints that "Big Brother" has placed on her. He is uptight, meticulous, and conservative—and he believes rules and laws are made to be followed, and done so with enthusiasm.

But they are both brilliant and are working together on a top-secret project—a quantum computer that has global implications. On the eve of certain breakthrough, the sabotage begins, and each questions the other's integrity. When co-worker Keryn Wills brokers an uneasy truce—in spite of her jealousy—the project appears to be back on track. However it is clear that someone knows about their world-changing discovery...and the danger is escalating.

The trio has no choice except to run…. But are they running from or toward their unseen enemy?