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Trade Paperback
288 pages
Aug 2004
Bethany House

A Handbook of the Christian Faith

by John Schwarz

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Exactly as its title implies, A Handbook of the Christian Faith presents a banquet of Bible information for all those interested in knowing the Bible better, whether because of a lack of knowledge, out of curiosity, or as a resource for mentoring. Businessman, Bible student, missionary/teacher, and Bible curricula preparer, author John Schwarz’ avowed purpose is to present a handbook that helps people understand the Bible, the church, and the Christian walk.

This unpretentious, deeply-researched compendium overflows with information. Interesting, easily understood, provocative, A Handbook opens with an overview of the Bible: its history, structure, translations, authority, and inspiration. Then it presents the books, writers, history, and relevancy of the Old and New Testaments, followed by a brief history of the church, a summary of Christian beliefs, a look at other religions, and closes with growth in Christ, and living ‘Christianly.’ Throughout, Schwarz maintains an orthodox stance, emphasizing ‘historic teachings and positions of the apostolic church.’ Interesting extras include: a listing of Bible resources and translations; explanations of a few Christian symbols; disagreements within orthodoxy; a listing of good Christian habits worth cultivating; a chronology of important dates in Christian history up through modern times; several appendices; and a useful index. Other books for further study are suggested within each subject area.

Be prepared! Schwarz achieves his declared purpose. His banquet of information in A Handbook of the Christian Faith creates a larger hunger for further reading. Have your Bible ready! – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

This one-volume overview of the Christian beliefs, church history, Scripture and much more makes an invaluable resource. Organized in ten thematic chapters, the book is designed for use by individuals or study groups. Accessible but thought-provoking, it's a great first-look at the breadth, depth, and wonderful meaning in Christianity.