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Trade Paperback
798 pages
Oct 2004
Bethany House

Firebird: A Trilogy

by Kathy Tyers

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Because of her birth order among Netaia's royal families, Lady Firebird Angelo lives under a death sentence. She receives her death orders as she is ordered to lead her squadron into an attack on a neighboring planet in order to seize its vast supplies of basium. Firebirdís government orders her not to come home alive. Her ruthless older sister, Phoena, wants the basium to build a weapon of world-destroying capacity.

Federacy Wing Colonel Brennan Caldwell thwarts Firebird's attack and attempted suicide when he captures her. An Ehretan Sentinel telepath, he interrogates Firebird, gathering valuable information in spite of her resistance. After accessing her mind, he finds himself drawn to her as he has never been to another woman, though he realizes that he cannot court her at once. Netaia's cruel system of destroying younger children has left her emotionally damaged. She does not believe in the Eternal Speaker and is hostile to him as an enemy combatant who has forced her to betray Netaia.

Together, Firebird and Brennan face murder attempts against her by her government. Other Sentinels try to undermine Brennan's efforts to win Firebird to faith in the Eternal Speaker.

They face the ultimate challenge when they disobey the Federacy leaders to destroy Phoena's secret laboratory.

Fusion Fire

Leg cramps from her pregnancy awaken Firebird Angelo Caldwell in time to save her and her husband, Brennan Caldwell, from a ruthless Shuhr murderer. Unfortunately, this murderer killed Brennan's brother's family before attacking Brennan and Firebird. This leaves Brennan and his twin unborn sons the sole survivors of the ancient prophecy of a redeemer.

The Shuhr are descendants of Brennan's own people, but they rejected the teaching of the Eternal Singer. They clone their children. They have pursued Brennan's family for generations to thwart the prophecy that someone in his line will destroy their home world. Now they feel ready to begin conquering worlds, manipulating their captives' genes, and providing immortality to the gene-manipulated conquered.

The Shuhr send three attack aircraft on a suicide raid on Brennan's home world as a diversion so that they can kill Firebird and her newborns. Firebird has learned that she, too, is a descendant of Ehretans and has been practicing her ability to "turn" in order to prevent the Shuhran mind control, although something goes terribly wrong when she does, releasing a fierce energy. Firebird's defensive turn kills her attacker as she protects her sons.

Meanwhile the Shuhr lure Firebird's older sister, Phoena, to their home world. They promise her the throne of Netaia and to kill Firebird. Instead they use her to lure Brennan to their world.

At the same time, gentle queen Carridee is forced from Netaia's throne after a Shuhr attack paralyzes her husband. The Shuhr intercept her young daughters, sent into hiding, and kill the two tiny children.

Prince Tel of Netaia, the husband of Phoena, seeks Brennan and Firebird out to rescue her. When the Federacy orders Brennan to rescue Phoena, he risks his life to go to the Shuhr's home world. Captured, he discovers what the Ehretan Sentinels might have become without their obedience to the Eternal Speaker.

Brennan has only one hope of rescue: Firebird's terrifying, and so far uncontrollable, power.

Crown of Fire

The Shuhr have decided to advance their goal of conquering the Federacy by first seizing Netaia with its great wealth. Their greatest threat is from Brennan, who has been weakened by his captivity by them, and Firebird Caldwell.

The Netaian Electorate has summoned Firebird to accept her role as an heir to the throne. Brennan and Firebird hope to lure Shuhran attackers so that they can seize one for interrogation about the Shuhr's defenses. The Federacy has decided that the Shuhr must be destroyed because of their suicide attacks on Brennan's home world and their continued raids on Federate shipping.

The Shuhr implant Terza Shirak, their leader's daughter, with Brennan's baby as leverage over him. They plan to lure Brennan to them for interrogation about the Federacy's new RIA technology. However Terza, desperate to save her baby from genetic experimentation, thwarts an attack on Firebird's life in order to claim asylum.

When the Federacy orders Brennan and Firebird to destroy the Shuhr's home world, Brennan receives a vision about his own death.

The three novels tell a strong, absorbing story as they investigate the themes of God's mercy, the existence of evil, pride, and atonement. Tyers' characters are well motivated and fascinating. She may have taken C. S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters for an example in her development of the Shuhr, for she shows a race sold out to personal power and privilege.

The plots are riveting though the climax of Fusion Fire is a little weak and she leaves a loose end with an attack on Prince Tel.

Firebird: A Trilogy is a great bargain, three novels for the price of one. They provide thoughtful and exciting reading for science fiction lovers who have found little available in Christian fiction. The only drawback is that readers with no self-control, like myself, will find it difficult to give themselves time for thought and consideration between the novels. They will want to plunge ahead to the final thrilling conclusion. -- Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Because of her birth order in the royal family of Netaia, Lady Firebirdís life is expendable. When she is chosen to lead an attack on a neighboring planet, her demise is expectedóeven anticipated. Instead, she is captured and finds herself falling in love with Brennen Caldwell, a telepath and leader of those who swear allegiance to the Eternal Speaker. With her own people seeking her sacrificial death, Lady Firebird is forced into a strange new existence that will sweep her toward a perilous yet exhilarating destiny.

Novelist Kathy Tyers writes masterfully of Firebirdís spiritual and physical battles and the timeless consequences of her courageous struggle--not only for herself and the man she loves, but also for the worlds she seeks to save.

This book combines Firebird, Fusion Fire, and Crown of Fire in one volume.