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Trade Paperback
288 pages
Apr 2005
Bethany House

A Garden in Paris

by Stephanie Grace Whitson

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In A Garden in Paris by Stephanie Grace Whitson, widow Mary Davis has faithfully carried out her husbandís charade in the two years following his death, but she canít any longer. Pushing away the pills she collected with vain thoughts of ending the whole mess, Mary writes a letter instead. And plans a trip to Paris.

Elizabeth Davis always was her daddyís girl, and his death has only widened the breach between the two women. Mother and daughter couldnít be more different. Maryís unassuming compassion only rankles Lizís driven business sense. When Mary begins to take an interest in the company Liz has run since her fatherís death, Liz reacts angrily to the woman sheís never understood. As Mary departs for France, Lizís fiancť Jeff steps back to give Liz opportunity to see who her mother really is.

A crazy quilt of points of view, this tale pieces together both first and third person perspectives as each of the characters share their parts of the story, past, and present. The result is a heartwarming story with several unexpected twists. Detailed and realistic, the various characters and their relationships drive the plot with their actions. Recommended for women, especially mothers. -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

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Mary Davisís only child has always been "Daddyís girl," so itís no surprise when her husband's untimely death creates even more distance between mother and daughter. As they each grieve in their own ways, daughter Liz pours herself into the family business to honor her fatherís memory, while Mary privately struggles with untold past secrets and regrets.

After two years of widowhood, Mary discovers a framed motto at an antique market. It seems to offer Mary a ray of hope for the future, and news of an old flame in France prompts her to write a letter. In a rare act of independence, Mary follows her heart to Paris. Maybe in the City of Lights she will find a way to reconcile her past and face the future with honesty.