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Trade Paperback
304 pages
Mar 2006
Bethany House Publishers

A Hilltop in Tuscany

by Stephanie Grace Whitson

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In this sequel to A Garden in Paris, Mary is happily enjoying her newfound life in France and the friendship of two extraordinary men. Meanwhile, in Omaha, her daughter Liz struggles with running the family business, planning a wedding, and tentatively building a relationship through email with the man she just found out is her real father, Jean-Marc David.

When Liz’s fiancé, Jeff, hears that his sister has finally left her abusive husband, Jeff heads to California to join his brother in being there for Sarah and her kids. Liz reluctantly follows, wanting to support Jeff but never feeling comfortable around his family. Then Jeff gets a promotion which will relocate him to California. Liz’s life and business is in Nebraska, and she does not want to leave. Is Jeff worth the cost?

Luca Santo rejoices to hear of Jean-Marc’s new faith, but it smashes against the love Luca is beginning to feel toward Mary. Jean-Marc and Mary loved each other once. He cannot stand in the way of their happiness now.

This beautifully written novel begins slowly, relying on the realistic and relatable characters to pull readers in. And they do. You sympathize with Liz feeling torn between her past and future, Mary’s hesitant mothering of her independent daughter, and Luca’s decision to step away from the one he loves. While several subplots could be removed from the story without being missed, they add to the richness of the tale. Readers will want to pick up the prequel first, as the two stories are closely entwined. Women will most appreciate this softly romantic tale. – Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Liz Davis's carefully constructed world had already begun to crumble when the unexpected phone call comes. Without considering the consequences, she books the next flight out of Omaha.

Reveling in her new life in Paris, Liz's widowed mother, Mary, is struggling with conflicted feelings of her own. A love once lost has been restored, yet new circumstances cause her to hesitate….

Together again, Mary and Liz must resolve the turmoil in their lives. Perhaps what their hearts long for awaits them both among the fabled hills of Tuscany.