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416 pages
Oct 2004
Bethany House

At the Scent of Water

by Linda Nichols

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It’s been five years. Five years since the accident. Five years since he’d made the decision that changed the life of a little girl. Five years since he’s spoken to his wife, Annie. Dr. Sam Truelove is a world-renown heart surgeon, but his life has been forever changed because of one devastating mistake. Kelly Bright had been ready for emergency surgery when the call came about his daughter. He couldn’t do anything for Margaret, but he could help this little girl. Never mind that his wife needed his support right now.

When his hands shook during the surgery, the rest of his world crumbled. He put in more hours at the hospital, hoping to somehow make up for his mistake. Annie left one evening he was away, and never in five years responded to his invitations to meet, to talk. Now little Kelly Bright has been in a coma for five years, and her father has had her feeding tube removed.

Annie, now a well-known journalist, has just been offered a job at the Los Angeles Times. It seems a fitting time to end the marriage that has been dead for years. But in light of the media blitz focusing on the judge’s decision to remove Kelly Bright’s feeding tube, the mother’s fight to have it put back, and the doctor who bungled the job, Annie feels she can’t take the coward’s way out. She has to go home, to see her family and husband, to sell her house, and to finally say goodbye to her daughter.

This book moves slowly, vividly painting the major characters before they converge in the hills of North Carolina. Each journey deep into their pasts, searching for identity and trying to escape the pain. But healing only comes through God’s grace as they look forward and open their hearts. As fragmented lives come together, this novel forms a mosaic of hope. -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Life was rewarding for Samuel Truelove. A gifted heart surgeon, he had married the love of his life and had a beautiful daughter. But when he was suddenly called to perform an emergency surgery, a deadly cascade of events was set in motion, and his picture-perfect life began to unravel….

Annie Truelove, hoping to escape painful reminders of her grief, leaves her beloved home in the mountains of North Carolina and begins a new life in faraway Seattle. But sorrow and bitterness dog her attempts to escape, haunting her day and night.

When she is offered a prestigious position at the Los Angeles Times, Annie hopes this will be the place where she can finally shake off the past forever. But a disturbing headline interrupts her plans and takes her back home, where memories of former things, of joy and of sorrow, come flooding back.

Will these two broken people allow their ravaged hearts to heal?