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Trade Paperback
400 pages
Jun 2005
Bethany House

Levi's Will

by W. Dale Cramer

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Forgiveness is the most necessary action in every human being's life – giving it and receiving it. Without practicing forgiveness, our world is left in a state of bitterness, rebellion, hate, and loneliness.

In Levi's Will, author W. Dale Cramer tells the story of an Amish son and father who take decades to reconcile after the son leaves the Amish community to escape a life-changing command.

With emotionally-packed prose, this fictional account of part of Cramer's father's life opens the door to the exploration of the damage unforgiveness leaves in its wake, and the beauty of healing since forgiveness "is the proof of love."

Cramer introduces readers to Will Mullet, son of Levi, a strict Amish father who demands his son's obedience in marrying the young Amish girl who became pregnant after she and Will got carried away during "bundling." Will rebels at the unfairness of the punishment; after all, what did his father expect when two raging-hormone teens are given privacy to get to know one another?

This story is ripe with characters who will live on in memory for decades. Kramer has managed to master the skill to bring characters to life, complete with abilities and disabilities, who remain unforgettable.

Beautifully and sensitively written, without glossing ever the tragedies human stubbornness and pride, Levi's Will is a book for both genders. Readers will want to read it again and again to experience the cleansing of their own hearts.

Cramer has been received well, and it's difficult to find a bad review. Sutter's Cross and Bad Ground were chosen in 2004 as two of the Top 50 books by Publishers Weekly. He has also been awarded a 2005 Christy Award for excellence in Christian Fiction. Cramer won in the general category for his acclaimed Bad Ground. – Dian Moore, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Dusk. A barn lot on an Amish farm in Ohio. Will’s father doesn’t recognize him at first—it’s been eight years—so he holds a match up to Will’s face to see him better. “I thought you were dead,” Levi Mullet says flatly, then blows out the match and walks away. No hug. No party. This is not how it’s supposed to be. Where’s the fatted calf, the celebration?

Living in the Deep South, Will has raised a family of his own. But the heart of a prodigal is never far from home. For years he’s worked—the only ethic Will understands—to overcome the unrelenting judgmentalism, the ban, of his father and the Old Order Amish, while a festering resentment takes its toll on his wife and children. Only when the life of Will’s youngest son hangs in the balance does he begin to understand the truth—that love is the proof of God, and forgiveness is the proof of love.

Levi’s Will is the haunting story of a fallen man seeking to reconcile the best of the old world with the lessons of the new, in the process building a bridge across three generations.