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Trade Paperback
270 pages
Dec 2004
Group Publishing

The Encyclopedia of Bible Games for Children's Ministry

by  Group Publishing

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Remember Mary Poppins’ spoonful of sugar that makes the medicine go down? The games in this encyclopedia will facilitate learning Bible lessons with similar ease. How about encasing each child in a sleeping bag and letting them try to wrestle to help them understand our helplessness without God? Too great a demand on energy? Try a medium-energy relay race carrying books on their heads to a basket, illustrating how the Bible is a library of many books. Or, a low-energy game -- blindfold each child and get them to try doing various things while blind to illustrate the story of Jesus healing the blind man. There are 175 of these games, all specially tuned to Bible study for primary age children. Two indices help the busy, time-starved teacher based on scripture reference and energy level.

Each game explanation follows the same pattern: the scripture reference; a supply list; game explanation, including problems to watch for and suggestions for children who cannot quite cope; and, post-game discussion questions. There are eight game sections: Bible Story; Holiday; Jesus Is; The Bible Is; Icebreaker; Group-Builder; Total Silence; and Travel Time.

Parents, teachers, and other youth leaders will value The Encyclopedia of Bible Games for Children’s Ministry. Sunday school, VBS, children’s church, and homeschool groups, to name just a few, will want to keep The Encyclopedia of Bible Games handy. -- Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Whoa! Now children’s ministry workers are a fingertip away from a comprehensive source for fun Bible games. Includes 175 just-right games for any situation—Bible story games, holiday games, icebreakers, group builders, even quiet games! Every game reinforces an important Bible point, and is quick and easy to prepare. It’s an economical answer to the busy teacher who wants to have fun while helping kids grow closer to Jesus.