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Trade Paperback
447 pages
Nov 2006
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How Do You Know He's Real?: God Unplugged

by Amy Hammond Hagberg

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Forty-four celebrities answer the question, “How do you know He’s real?” in Amy Hammond Hagberg’s second compilation, God Unplugged. It’s not an apologetic book, but a collection of “true life experiences with God.”

The lengthy testimonies recount the celebrities’ childhoods, professional careers, years without Christ, salvation stories, and assessments of God’s reality as demonstrated in their lives. At the end of each testimony is a “God’s Road Map” section that gives corresponding Bible verses. These sections deal with issues and themes such as pride, trust, and forgiveness.

The celebrities fall into three broad categories: mainstream sports athletes, extreme sports athletes, and recording artists. Most readers will recognize only a handful of names. Some of them will appreciate the diversity of the contributors, but most will choose which testimonies to read based on familiarity. There’s something for everyone in this book, but readers will find that most of it is better suited for someone else. The diversity of topics is that great.

This hefty 450-page package deal might have done better as three smaller à la carte books organized according to the celebrities’ careers. Smaller books would have cut down on the overwhelming text and allowed for more pictures. This simpler style would have been much more reader-friendly.

Although some of the celebrities are relatively obscure, others will be able to attract a readership simply through name recognition. The challenge will be to maintain that readership. God Unplugged contains many accounts of lives transformed by grace, but it tells essentially the same story—44 times over. Again, it’s a bit too much to cram into one volume.

Still, God Unplugged is a perfect browsing book for the coffee table. It will make a good gift for almost any young adult, but very few will read it cover to cover. (Note: Many of the testimonies promote controversial practices such as healing ceremonies and speaking in tongues.) – Rose Rider, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

How Do You Know He's Real? God Unplugged, the second book in the successful He's Real series, shares the profound real life journeys and dramatic encounters with the living God by young celebrities from the worlds of sports and music. The book addresses issues that young people deal with, like insecurity, anger, peer pressure, addiction and self-esteem. Always inspirational and often miraculous, God Unplugged is a must-read for those who desire to go deeper in their relationship with God.