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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Sep 2004
Cook Communications Ministries

12 Lies You Hear About the Holy Spirit

by Tim Riter

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Tim Riter, an unpretentious non-charismatic, evaluates the Twelve Lies You Hear About The Holy Spirit in layman’s terms. Debunking charismatic stereotypes, Riter’s message about the Holy Spirit’s infilling is for all believers. Not an “anti-charismatic” but “non-charismatic” approach to the topic, Riter speaks from his spiritual journey about the Holy Spirit’s influence in the lives of believers.

A former pastor and current professor, Riter uses poignant imagery, fresh metaphors and well-timed humor to communicate a message of unity for all believers. With scripture references and a reader’s guide, Riter makes it possible for the reader to easily evaluate the validity and applicability of his message.

“Chapter 6: Supernatural Power to Develop Individuality” is a must read chapter for all people of faith. While not the defining chapter of the book, it is this reviewer’s choice as the most powerful. In a time when everyone, including believers, seems to struggle with issues of significance, Riter’s words convey the heart of God, “No one has our unique mix of DNA, abilities, personality, experiences, and gifts. So, our ministry is absolutely unique. Absolutely no one can ever duplicate the ministry that the Father and the Son and the Spirit have crafted for each one of us.”

Riter’s winsome style and evident humility make this book a joyous read. It is encouraging, challenging, and thought provoking. How can churches come together in unity? How can I live the abundant life? What am I supposed to do with my life? These questions are answered with simplicity, clarity, and hope. You do have a purpose and you can achieve it -- read this book to find out how. I highly recommend this book for all readers of faith. -- Suzanne Rae Deshchidn, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In today's churches, it's not that uncommon to hear ideas that sound right because they contain a measure of truth. But these partial truths can lead to inaccurate assumptions about faith, and can actually stunt our understanding of God and keep us from growing spiritually. In this revealing book, author and speaker Tim Riter reveals some of the most common fallacies while providing the Scriptural references that can liberate you to embrace God and to be fully engaged in becoming more like Him.