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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Jun 2004

How to Talk to Your Kids About Sexuality

by David L. Scherrer & Linda M. Klepacki

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Are you navigating a preteen child through a world filled with landmines of sexually explicit material or answering your childís tough questions about sexuality? David Scherrer and Linda Klepacki understand the pressure parents feel to raise morally sound and sexually pure children. Their book, How to Talk to Your Kids About Sexuality, is a thorough and sensitive guide for parents who desire to address the sexual education of their children at any age, but especially as they approach the teen years.

The first chapter of How to Talk to Your Kids sets the tone for the authorsí biblically sound treatise on the subject of sexual health: ďItís Time to Talk.Ē Believing that a childís greatest allies as they mature and encounter conflicting information about their sexuality from the world are their parents, Scherrer and Klepacki advocate discussing everything from sex, abortion, cohabitation, disease, and pregnancy to consequences and healing. Scherrer served with Youth for Christ for 22 years and as a marriage and family counselor before helping to establish Worth Waiting For in 1995 to reach youth and their families with the positive choice of sexual purity before marriage and fidelity in marriage. Linda Klepacki is a registered nurse with a masterís degree in public health and has worked in the field of human sexuality education for 20 years. She is currently on the staff of Focus on the Family and is the director of ministries for Worth Waiting For.

In the introduction, Scherrer and Klepacki state, ďWe donít want to settle for second or third best for our children. We want Godís very best for them. That is what this study is all aboutólife and love at its best, blessed and protected by God.Ē The authors have, at the heart of the book, a fervent desire for parents to educate their own children about Godís design for marriage and sexuality. They provide questions for small group discussion in the back of the book so that parents can enlist support from one another. Each chapter includes personal stories and counsel from the authors.

As a parent who desperately wants to help my own children navigate a turbulent world full of misinformation about sexuality, I found How to Talk to Your Kids About Sexuality a user-friendly guide. Scherrer and Klepacki include what to say in conversations with your child, including straightforward information to educate about STDs and pornography. This book should be a part of every parentís library. Ė Jayne Walters, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Whether parents want to believe it or not, their teens are thinking about sex. Because kids are thinking about it, parents need to be ready to talk about it. This book offers practical advice for approaching the subject of sex in a way that is comfortable for both kids and parents. Biblical perspectives provide the foundation for a healthy view on sexuality, while social perspectives help parents understand the many influences impacting kids today.