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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Sep 2004
Cook Communications

God, Are We There Yet?: Learning to Trust God's Direction in Your Life

by Robert Stofel

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In his book, God, Are We There Yet? Learning to Trust God’s Direction In Your Life, author Robert Stofel points out that we spend our whole lives asking questions. As Christians, we should strive to question God less and trust Him more. The author’s purpose for writing is to encourage the reader by interweaving biblical truth and personal narrative.

Stofel has a talent for taking experiences that are common to many of us and using them to examine himself. His honest introspection gives the reader freedom to do the same.  I believe this author’s calling as a husband, father, pastor and, most importantly, sinner saved by grace, gives him a wealth of both earthly and eternal credentials from which to draw in writing this book.

The main points of the book are as follows:

  1. God sometimes makes us wait for the answers to our questions so we can develop “passionate patience.” This is the knowledge that God will place us where He wants us to be exactly when we are to fulfill His purpose.
  2. Sometimes our reaction to an event has nothing to do with the event. “Unresolved conflict will color our future intentions. So eliminate surface strife by getting to the root of the problem. Why am I frustrated? Am I really upset over another issue?” (p. 147)

Overall, I enjoyed the book very much. It was written in such a way that the author came across as someone with whom I could relate. The one weakness within the book was found in chapter three, where the insight or lesson learned from being “basement dwellers” was not clear. That said, I would recommend this book. -- Tresa M. Yates, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

“Are we there yet?” You’ve probably heard this from impatient little ones in the backseat—just ten minutes into an all-day drive. Sometimes life as a Christian seems just as long. We wonder whether we’re ever going to “arrive.” We need to find strength for the journey in the face of doubt. And this book is written to help. Drawing analogies from the journey theme found in road signs and family vacations, author/pastor Robert Stofel gently touches minds and hearts with practical, easy-to-follow instructions that teach how God offers strength for the journey!