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160 pages
Jul 2006

Does God Still Do Miracles? (An M.D. Examines)

by Brad Burke, M.D.

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The title captures the heart cry of Christians everywhere. Dr. Brad Burke examines this emotional and controversial subject with a profound combination of Scripture and science. As a medical doctor, he uses his knowledge of the human body to lay a framework on which believers can better appreciate the sovereignty of God. However, he’s quick to point out that his beliefs and conclusions may offend some readers. Nevertheless, his honest and sensitive approach highlights serious inconsistencies in the faith-healing movement that warrant a closer inspection.

After establishing a working definition of the word ‘miracle,’ the author begins his search for the truth in the Bible. He examines the ministry of Christ and lists distinctive characteristics associated with His acts of healing. Dr. Burke then compares this New Testament model with what is being seen in contemporary and popular meetings with famous evangelists. The author’s medical insights and his interpretation of key Bible verses help to debunk some dangerous ideas.

Thorough research has gone into the writing of this book as evidenced by the numerous sources that were quoted. It’s obvious Dr. Burke wants Christians to have a healthy view of God, which means having a balanced comprehension of His Word and His will. While faith-healers often employ emotional avenues of acceptance, these pages present a more intelligent and factual view.

Although the author acknowledges that God can still perform miracles, the science behind his convictions may blunt a believer’s hope. His main objections appear to be with well-known and obviously false faith-healers, and he goes to great lengths to uncover the magic behind their ministries. However, his medical insights and his sincerity fill this book with interesting information that will make every Christian think a little deeper on this issue. – Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The debate centering on miracles of healing has become an extremely emotional issue. Yet a new generation of believers wants answers—no matter how controversial the truth may be. Many Christian physicians, including the author, Dr. Brad Burke, believe God still performs miracles of physical healing that defy natural explanation. But are the many "miracles" we hear about so often truly miracles? If these healings are not true miracles, then how does one explain the thousands of people who are instantaneously getting better?

Why not give God the "benefit of the doubt" and label every astonishing healing a miracle? What insights does God provide us in his Word? Some of the most fascinating and up-to-date medical and investigative research is examined in an attempt to uncover the truth about what is going on in faith-healing services and healing shrines around the world.