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Hardcover with jacket
320 pages
Nov 1999
Life Journey

Making the Blue Plate Special

by Florence Littauer, et. al.

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How do families give their children a sense of belonging in a world where families change residences, neighborhoods, and towns every few years? Florence Littauer and her daughters, Marita Littauer and Lauren Littauer Briggs, offer solutions in building a family legacy to pass onto the generations that follow in Making the Blue Plate Special.

The three authors and several guest writers suggest ways to use keepsakes, decorations, collections, food, and family and holiday traditions to pass on the legacy. They include information on recognizing your family heritage, using trips to further it, and the importance of letters. They give practical tips on searching for untold stories, tracing, recording, and preserving memories. They also deal with more unusual situations, such as authenticating and preserving an adopted child's cultural legacy, making your legacy into part of your adopted child's heritage, and passing on a legacy if you are childless.

Written in a warm, conversational style, Making the Blue Plate Special is enjoyable reading. Using stories from their childhoods, the authors, especially Florence, draw the reader into an intimate visit which inspires the reader to look into her own past. The Littauer ladies include an appendix on writing heritage or legacy letters. Though the book includes male contributors, more women than men will find the book interesting.

Florence Littauer is a prominent speaker and writer on biblical teaching, relationship issues, and life skills. Her daughter, Marita, has written thirteen books and is the administrator of CLASServices, Inc., which trains speakers and writers for ministry. Daughter Lauren Littauer Briggs is an author and co-founder of Compassionate Friends, a support group for parents whose children have died. – Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Through personal stories, anecdotes, and vignettes—like how the "blue plate" became special—the Littauers show how ordinary items gain importance and grow in sentimental value over time.

These warm and wonderful ladies show you how your family can enjoy shared memories and create traditions that will stand the test of time. What family possessions will you, your children, and your grandchildren "make special"?