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Trade Paperback
187 pages
Nov 2005

24/7 Prayer Manual

by David Blackwell & Pete Greig

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Have you heard of the 24-7 prayer movement? If so, you will want to grab a copy of this book—24-7 Prayer Manual, subtitled Creating and Sustaining Holy Space in the Real World. If not, you need to read this book by Pete Greig and David Blackwell to learn what it is all about. The book delivers what its cover promises in simple, well-organized format, with no illustrations or complicated charts. It tells how to create a prayer room in your church building or community and how to hold a 24-7 prayer week.

The big idea presented in this book is to develop individual growth and strength in Christians through the preparation of a special room where people can go to prayer at any hour. Greig’s initial plan was to have his congregation pray in shifts twenty-four hours a day for seven days. They prepared a room and found that the people showed up, relished the prayer time, and in the process were changed.

The book has four main parts: (1) five chapters on discovering the 24-7 prayer; (2) five steps to building a successful prayer room; (3) five keys to the movement; and (4) five perspectives on 24-7 prayer. The most interesting sections to me were those on setting up a prayer room to be conducive to prayer, and those encouraging art and music as expressions of prayer. Can a young man use a bongo drum to help him express his prayer to God? Can a person express a prayer through art or graffiti? I had not thought of using art in prayer.

Pete Greig was the instigator of the first 24-7 prayer community. David Blackwell is a leader in the 24-7 Prayer USA movement and is the co-director and co-founder of 24-7 Transit—a nine-month discipleship school in Kansas City, Missouri. These men decry the lack of prayer in America and present a workable plan to reestablish the lost discipline. I recommend the book to community and church leaders who want to see real change in the lives and hearts of the people they love and lead. It also can provide guidance and inspiration for parents who want to establish prayer in their homes. – Elece Hollis, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Today's 24–7 prayer movement is an international, interdenominational network of prayer which has grown unexpectedly from one prayer-room in England to impact 60 nations in just six years. This phenomenal movement is putting Christ-centered, mission-minded prayer back at the heart of communities all over the world. Now you can be part of it.

Hundreds of North American churches and universities have established night-and-day prayer rooms. The 24–7 Prayer Manual describes step-by-step how you can experience the power and release the potential of 24–7 prayer in your community. There are no rules—only principles that help create an environment conducive to prayer. Let your church become a vital link in this international prayer movement.