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128 pages
Oct 2003
Standard Publishing

Baby Blessings: A Faith-Based Parenting Guide

by Dr. Terrill Saxon

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"The Baby Blessingís series has produced many helpful, eye-catching, Christian books to read to newborns through toddlers. Now comes Baby Blessingís book for the parents of those children, A Faith-based Parenting Guide, Birth to Two. Written by child development specialist, psychologist, and father of three sons Dr. Terrill Saxon, this book provides clear directions, sound advice, and answers to parentís questions such as: What are the advantages and disadvantages of breast-feeding? When do we introduce Christian songs and stories? How do we identify our babyís temperament? When does coordinated joint attention start? How do the secure and the insecure child develop? The first three parts in this parenting guide, Newborn, Five to Twelve Months, and The Second Year, look at physical, cognitive, and emotional development for each age. Within each of these sections are pertinent, scripture based meditations written by educator, counselor, and father Pastor Dudley Callison. Special hints and tips are scattered throughout these sections. Part four presents easy, enjoyable learning games appropriate to each age. A journal section for your own notes enhances the usefulness of this book, and a practical index concludes it.

"A Faith-based Parenting Guide, Birth to Two has strong, wipeable board covers. Attached to a coil on the inside of the cover, this handy book opens flat. Of extra thick paper, the pages will stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Dr. Saxon writes clearly and knowledgeably. He presents practical, understandable ways to cope with and enhance your childís growth, both physically and spiritually. Pastor Callisonís meditations are brief and relevant. Reality based black and white drawings of parents and children augment the narrative. All expectant and new parents will enjoy and learn from this book. More experienced parents will too. Other areas of use include church and secular nurseries, pediatricianís waiting rooms, and aunts, uncles, grandparents, and older siblings." -- Donna Eggett, Christian Book Previews

Book Jacket:

This inspiring and informative book will be your trusted friend as you participate in your baby's development from birth to two years old.

Baby Blessings is divided into three sections:

The First Four Months
Five to Twelve Months
The Second Year

Each section addresses: physical development, cognitive development, emotional development and the role of the senses, and spiritual development.