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Trade Paperback
143 pages
Sep 2007
Standard Publishing

A Gathering of Brothers (Caleb Pascal & the Peculiar People, Book 4)

by Kersten Hamilton

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A series about peculiar people (both the Christian kind as found in 1 Peter 2:9, and the type found in old-fashioned circus sideshows) set in the late 1800s, Caleb Pascal enchants, widens imaginations, convincingly characterizes some wonderful, wacky, and wild people, throws in exciting, fantastical adventures, and along the way provides Christian lessons on living for Jesus. Each book ends with a listing of scripture verses and their relevancy to the story.

Caleb, Son of None introduces this series. Herein you meet an unwanted orphan, an ugly dog, a not very good goat, their clown owner, and a circus full of freaks and performers ranging from whimsical to fearful. He also begins to make acquaintance with a father and a Father. Caleb learns that no matter how weird, John 1:3 is true - All things were made by Him

A Freaky Kind of Courage starts with Caleb’s adoption by a good loving father. It quickly widens out into adventure - with shrunken heads and evil twins, camel races, and trick horse back riding, not to mention a whole ménagerie of little and big friends and enemies. Caleb comes face to face with Ezekiel

The Battle of Trickum County provides more circus fun and thrills as well as screaming demons. The freaks prove they aren’t nearly as freakish as some of the so called normal entertainers as they help Caleb battle with menacing forces. A calliope gets broken and a newcomer does battle with common sense. John 3:16 becomes real to some who greatly need its truth.

A Gathering of Brothers may not be nearly as nice as it sounds. Caleb the former orphan must learn to cope with great sorrow and spiritual orphans. What with a pig-faced girl, an enormous strongman who is more than he seems, the snake lady, a small erring friend and a jealous one, throw in a train wreck, and Caleb has his hands full. Caleb throws out the challenge of Joshua 24:15: “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve.”

This series is fun! The Christian lessons teach themselves. The characters, at first bizarre, grow into friends, and become totally believable as the series progress. The imagination igniting adventures make breath taking reading, and the descriptions enhance and entertain. Individuals, families, church groups, and school classes will all enjoy reading this series. I also recommend it as a basis for lessons in back-yard Bible clubs and V BS.

It is interesting to note that Caleb Pascal is the ultra-modern descendant of a children’s classic of more than a century ago - Toby Tyler, written by James Otis Kahler. It is worth reading Toby Tyler for itself and to see the similarities. – Donna Eggett,

Book Jacket:

Caleb has encountered danger in the circus. He’s heard the scream of demons, the shriek of tortured metal in a train wreck, and the roar of lions on the loose! Can Caleb reach Thad with the heavenly Papa’s love before hate consumes him?