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Boxed Set
576 pages
Sep 2006
Standard Publishing

Elijah Creek And the Armor of God

by Lena Wood

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Up till now Elijah Creek has narrated his own series. In The Ravenís Curse a new narrator takes over, and the plot shifts a bit from what the reader came to expect in books 1 and 2. Marcus Skidmore (Skid), that cool, international character takes up the tale. Because he does we get a wider view of each character, especially Elijah. Since the beginning of this series, the fellowship has found out about the ancient armor representing the armor of God, (and lost it); then they recovered the helmet of salvation (OK, so they lost it, too), and the belt of truth (and itís gone as well). Reese is trying to keep them upbeat and searching for the next piece, the breastplate of righteousness. This search will take them into greater dangers and adventures. Skid, his Latino Mom and Gulah, military Dad, take the Christian lead. The boys face mighty ocean waves, boo-hags, divorce, a tornado, an angry snake, and a Raven bent on Ė well theyíre not quite sure what itís bent on, but Robbie insists itís cursing them.

The Ravenís Curse pulls the reader further into this high adventure; as well, it portrays graphically Christian friendship, brotherly love, turning fear into courage, trusting the Lord, imaginative Christian parenting, camaraderie between people who are greatly different from each other, plus more. We also find out that Elijah is a bit of a pyromaniac, and this seems to be an important clue for further books. Tell me, did you know that in sand a three legged dog makes a track half-way between a chicken and a dog? Or, that Frogmore Stew has no frogs in it? This book is full of such interesting tidbits.

If you havenít yet met the Elijah Creek & The Armor of God series you can start with The Ravenís Curse and make sense out of it. But it will be more engrossing if you start with the first two books, The Severed Head and The Ancient Omen. This series is listed for 8-12 year olds, but Middle Schoolers will also enjoy it, as will the parents of these students. -- Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

As discord and difficulties emerge, Elijah and his friends realize that this ancient treasure is more than they thought it would be Ė and someone who wants it lost forever is battling against them. Their discoveries test their friendship nearly beyond its limits, until Elijah withdraws to a place of mystery and later confronts the old man who knows the secret of the treasure. Together Elijah and his friends begin to sense that God has plans for them beyond anything they have ever dreamed. For ages 8-12.