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320 pages
Jan 2007
Thomas Nelson

The Great Physician's Rx for Women's Health

by Jordan & Nicki Rubin

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Jordan Rubin and his wife Nicki have collaborated on this book, presenting seven keys to healthier living for women, giving a partial insight to his previous book The Great Physician's Rx for Health and Wellness.  The Biblical basis for eating God's way is very evident in Jordan's assessment, and is an essential guide to the way we should be eating and taking care of our bodies (thus our health) to establish a proactive approach, not reactive.

Nicki Rubin is a CPA who met her husband after he had gone through an emaciating illness for which doctors said there was no help.  Her interest in natural cures and eating according to God's Word evolved over time as she began to see how much sense it made, although her Starbucks specialty drink was hard to give up. It is interesting to read Jordan Rubin's pragmatic approach, since he knows what devastation a chronic disease can have on one's body, yet his wife's more blunt outlook is real, also.

The seven practical keys to a woman's good health are listed as:  

  1. Eat to live.     
  2. Use whole food nutrition supplements.
  3. Practice advanced hygiene.
  4. Condition your body with exercise.
  5. Reduce toxins in your environment.
  6. Avoid deadly emotions.
  7. Live a life of prayer and purpose.

All of the above are self-explanatory, yet a reading of the facts underlying each one is necessary in order to follow their specific 49 day plan.  Many of the items listed have been written in other books, but the day-by-day directives are ongoing from the beginning to the ending of the book.

It was not helpful to have insertions breaking up the reading continuum, such as "What Women are Saying,"  Nicki and Jordan's explanations, and Dr. Pancheta Wilson's comments. They could have been left to the end of each chapter, joining the summary and what to do for each day of the 49-day plan.

Learning to overcome unhealthy habits and taking charge of how to do it should be a desire of every woman, especially those who rely upon God for their spiritual strength.  God's way is the best way in every part of our being. Sharon I. Rideout, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Jordan Rubin, along with his wife Nicki and Dr. Panchetta Wilson, gives the 7 Keys to Health and wellness, customized to the unique needs of women.