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256 pages
Nov 2007
Thomas Nelson

Dethroning Jesus: Exposing Popular Culture's Quest to Unseat the Biblical Christ

by Darrell Bock and Daniel Wallace

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In their book, Dethroning Jesus, Darrell L. Bock and Daniel B. Wallace seek to disprove “Jesusanity” and to place the biblical Christ back on his throne. Popular culture and some scholars are attempting to emphasize Jesus’ humanity and cast aside the fact that Jesus is much more than a mere human. Bock and Wallace, however, are successfully attempting to prove them wrong with convincing arguments and statistics.

Bock and Wallace discuss and disprove the following arguments: whether the New Testament is too corrupted by copyists to be recovered, whether Gnostic gospels prove the existence of early alternative Christianities, whether the Gospel of Thomas alters our understanding of Jesus, whether Jesus’ message was fundamentally political and social, whether Paul exalted Jesus and included Gentiles when he should not have, and whether Jesus’ tomb proves that he was not resurrected physically.

The authors’ main point is that Jesus is divine but some are trying to dethrone him by relying on the Gnostic gospels and on a tomb that many believe belonged to Jesus and his family.

“Our goal in this book has been to look at how this Jesus has been represented in the public square and whether we have access to him,” explain the authors.

Christianity holds to the belief that Jesus is the one who shows the way and provides the means by which people can be reconciled to God. According to Wallace and Bock, “Jesusanity” portrays Jesus as a great religious figure who instructs and confronts but who is not our Savior and the mediator of salvation.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is confused about the divinity of Jesus. Christa Mullen,

Book Jacket:

New York Times best-selling author Darrell Bock teams with Daniel Wallace to help lay readers separate fact from fiction and help from hype in the recent best-selling Jesus books and television specials.

There is a quest going on. It's the quest to reduce Jesus to a mythic legend or to nothing more than a mere man. Scholars such as Elaine Pagels and James Tabor are using such recent discoveries as the Gospel of Judas and the Gospel of Thomas to argue that the Christ of Christianity is a contrived figure and that a different Christ-one human and not divine-is the "true" Christ.

In his trademark easy-to-understand style Darrell Bock takes on these attempts to redefine Jesus in a convincing, winsome way that will help readers understand that the orthodox understanding of Christ and his divinity is as trustworthy and sure as it ever was. Joining Bock for the first time is fellow scholar Daniel Wallace.