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256 pages
Apr 2008
Thomas Nelson

Heaven Without Her: A Desperate Daughter's Search for the Heart of Her Mother's Faith

by Kitty Foth-Regner

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Heaven without Her is a memoir of the author’s beautiful relationship with her mother and her heart’s search for the faith her mother held so dear.

Kitty Foth-Regner was almost convinced that it was impossible to know anything for sure about the universe or her place in it. Even though she had been reared in a Christian home, she never truly understood the beliefs of her parents. When her father died when she was a child, Foth-Regner decided to write off Christianity altogether, even though her mother tried to assure her of her father’s eternal happiness. She found herself aligning with the viewpoints of Buddhists, feminists, and relativists instead, looking only halfheartedly for answers. But years later, as her mother lay dying of the cancer that had been wearing at her for years, Foth-Regner found herself promising her mother that she’d see her in eternity, even though she didn’t know what that meant. Not content with blind faith, she dedicated herself to study. Her love for her mother and her curiosity about her mother’s hope and peace led her to delve more deeply into the faith she thought she had rejected.

Foth-Regner’s intent is to share her own search and the proof she found for Christianity. Each chapter of this book tells three stories: the first describes the events surrounding her mother’s death, the second explains the experiences that had shaped her spiritual views, and the third tells of her search for answers. In a prosaic style, she relates events and conversations that shaped her beliefs and her discovery about God, building a solid, well-explained case for Christianity by explaining through a seeker’s eyes the answers she found regarding the origin of the world, biblical prophecy, the “big questions” of life, and even Christ’s resurrection. “It took me until I was 47 years old to recognize that it didn’t matter what I believed: what mattered was the truth,” she says frankly.

Readers who are interested in finding some of these answers for themselves will find this an intelligent, conversational source. Even already well-founded Christians will find Foth-Regner’s use of apologetics intriguing and refreshing, and the story of her mother’s effect on her life is a touching one. No matter readers’ current spiritual positions, whether looking for answers or a simple reminder of hope, they will find encouragement in one woman’s journey to the truth. -- Lyndi L. Markus,

Book Jacket:

Kitty Foth-Regner was a secular feminist who had bought hook, line, and sinker the ideals and objectives of Betty Friedan's N.O.W. Kitty's mother-a woman of faith-became sick and clearly was destined to die rather quickly. And the author began to wonder about whether she would be in heaven with her mother someday. This led her on a personal journey of faith. Heaven Without Her is Foth-Regner's personal memoir of how she found, to her amazement, that all the evidence points to Christianity.