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224 pages
Oct 2004
Nelson Books

The Most Important Place on Earth : What a Christian Home Looks Like and How to Build One

by Robert Wolgemuth

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Near Robert Wolgemuth’s home in Florida is an amusement park called “The Happiest Place on Earth.” Most of us know it better as Walt Disney World. The title of this book was inspired by the claim that this wonderland strives to be the happiest, or the best, it can be. In like manner, the author elevates the position of the home as the most important place on earth. This book will not only convince readers of that fact, but will help them find ways of centering their homes in Christian truth and wisdom.

While the book offers many useful suggestions, this reviewer was especially pleased to get glimpses into the author’s home to see outward demonstrations of his beliefs. After turning the final page, readers will feel like they have actually spent time with his family. But most importantly, these home-affirming principles will remain vivid through these well-written vignettes.

For those who have never experienced a Christian home, the author lovingly sketches one and then describes the necessary ingredients to build it. Respect, love, and laughter are discussed, along with the biblical illustrations of forgiveness, repentance, and grace. The power of words and the purpose of discipline are viewed through the lenses of Scripture and society.

The book is filled with humor, heartache, and hope. It’s as if the author has drawn a map to the greatest place on earth and it leads the reader back home. This reviewer sincerely encourages everyone to spend time with the author and his family in these pages, and to learn from his practical and priceless experience. -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Many people did not grow up in a Christian home, and many more do not consider their childhood experience a good model. Robert Wolgemuth presents this inspiring, practical book for people who want to have a Christian home.

So, what’s so great about a Christian home? There’s redemption. There’s forgiveness. There’s hope. Laughter and genuine happiness. There’s discipline and purpose there. And there’s grace . . . lots of grace.

The Most Important Place on Earth covers eight answers to the question “What does a Christian home look like?” It’s filled with stories and practical ideas that will convince any reader that a Christian home is not an illusive stereotype. It’s something that really can be achieved. And it’s something worth having. You’ll see.