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Trade Paperback
304 pages
May 2005
WestBow Press

Distant Echoes (Book One in The Aloha Reef Series)

by Colleen Coble

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Distant Echoes reverberates with a realistic and riveting plot!

Set in Hawaii, the book takes readers to this beautiful paradise to uncover a sinister plan. When a test missile veers off course, hitting a tourist boat and killing several passengers, security at the naval base is tightened. Yet, was this just a malfunction, or does it point to a malevolent plot?

Suspenseful with a touch of the spiritual, this story blends these elements seamlessly. The investigation at the naval base brings the two main characters together. Jesse Matthews, head of security, decides to enlist the help of dolphin researcher, Kaia Ohana. He believes that the dolphins can be used to track underwater activity around the base. However, he underestimates the determination of the terrorists, which puts the lives of many innocent people in mortal danger.

The tension builds slowly as readers get glimpses of the motivation behind the missile attack. Key characters are introduced and then are skillfully interwoven. Romance is also present in the story, and becomes a lovely interlude between the action filled moments.

Yet, if this reviewer were to name one character that stood out, it would have to be Nani, the dolphin. The author provides interesting information about these animals, and readers will be impressed with their intelligence and ability to learn. Nani was given a prominent role and it was a delight to see her interact with the other characters!

The Hawaiian setting and the underwater world created a captivating atmosphere. The workings at the naval base and a brief look into the political and historical climate give the story a realistic feel. The author also explores the emotional relationship between several of the characters, as old hurts beg for forgiveness. Christianity is shown as a natural and nurturing part of life, which made this island paradise even more beautiful. Distant Echoes is heart-pumping action with heartfelt emotions. -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Love blossoms in the warm Hawaiian sun, but murder lurks in the deep, silent water.

While vacationing mainlanders and island locals revel in the cool waters and the sunny beaches of Kauai, Hawaii, a missile test goes off-course, destroying a local tourist boat and killing several passengers. Could sloppy science be at fault or could sabotage be the culprit?

When the investigation leads nowhere, Kaia Ohana, island resident and dolphin researcher, is called upon by Jesse Matthews, head of security at the naval base, to help. Aided by dolphins Kaia’s been teaching to communicate, Kaia and Jesse must try to stop a terrorist before he can strike again.

Best-selling author Colleen Coble’s trademarks—rich characterizations of people and animals combined with page-turning suspense and compelling romance—make this new suspense series set in Hawaii a must-read.