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332 pages
Oct 2003
Thomas Nelson

More Than a Skeleton

by Paul L. Maier

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Book Jacket:

The inscription was not in the conventional Hebrew lettering that students learn, but in a much earlier style, further complicated by the missing bits of tessera. After jotting down notes and scratching his head for some minutes, Jon finally shook his head. "The first line I can't make out, but the second is about going and coming. The third line also baffle me...although...yes...there's the name David indeed! And it's the best-preserved word on the mosaic! This is fabulous!"

When an unusual mosaic is discovered at an archaeological dig near Nazareth, Dr. Jonathan Weber is called to investigate. But Jon's translation of the Hebrew inscription shakes his foundations, especially when an extraordinary Israeli appears who speaks different languages without any accent, attracts large crowds, and performs miracles.

From the #1 best-selling author of A Skeleton in God's Closet, More Than a Skeleton is a breathless ride from Harvard Square to sun-drenched Galilee, from historic ruins to the power centers of the modern church...through unexplored regions of doubt, faith, and the future.