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240 pages
Nov 2004
Nelson Books

The Book on Leadership

by John MacArthur

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In The Book on Leadership, John MacArthur gives us 26 principles for leadership found in the life of Paul. MacArthur uses Paul’s voyage to Rome, and subsequent shipwreck, as chronicled in Acts 27 and Paul’s second letter to Corinth to derive these principles.

MacArthur does what he does best: he cuts through the fluff of current trends to give us a decidedly biblical view of what the Bible says on a certain issue, in this case it is leadership. He reminds us that “leadership for the Christian always has a spiritual dimension.” This is such a refreshing perspective in lieu of the many Christian books on leadership that call us to imitate worldly leadership styles of CEOs and major secular corporations.

This quote best sums up where MacArthur is headed in this book, “To put it simply, leadership is influence. The ideal leader is someone whose life and character motivate people to follow. The kind of leadership derives its authority from the force of righteous example, and not merely the power of prestige, personality or position.” The book follows by giving 26 biblical, practical ways that God calls us to lead stressing God’s call for us lead with character, “not style, technique, methodology.”

Those looking for something witty or lighthearted may be dismayed at the directness found in these pages – but those genuinely seeking to know God’s heart for leadership, will be more than satisfied by the principles found in this book.

Throughout its pages, MacArthur has given us a wonderful synopsis of God’s standard for leadership. These principles are both a relief and a challenge. As a relief, we don’t have to feel bad that we are not as inventive, creative, or powerful as the CEO of a major U.S. corporation in order to lead and have influence. Although we are relieved from the world’s standard, we now must face the counter-culture challenge of leading as God would have us to lead: with character, humility, and service.

As Christians, we are all called to lead whether at home, work, school, or play, and MacArthur has done an exceptional job of making God’s principles of leadership accessible and easy to comprehend. On an esthetic level, I also like the way the book looks – the cover and pages have the look of an old, weathered classic – for which it is destined to become. – Todd Burgett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

How many times have you thought or heard said, “What we need in this situation is a true leader with vision and courage”? Most of us would agree that our country is facing a leadership crisis, with fewer leaders available than are needed. Even more distressing, the church is facing the same crisis. Failures in church leadership seem to be at an epidemic level, reminding us of the adage, “As the leaders go, so go the people.” With so much at stake, how can we raise up effective leaders who have genuine and lasting impact on their charge? The Book on Leadership offers a thorough and inspired perspective on this compelling question of our times.

The author describes 26 traits every leader must have. These elements of character form the framework from which MacArthur details the qualifications and responsibilities of effective leaders, no matter if they are full-time staff members, lay leaders, or Christians seeking to serve God at church, home, work and with friends.

Author and respected pastor John MacArthur has touched millions of lives with his collection of best-selling books on Christian living and growth. In his latest book, MacArthur systematically and clearly shares his thoughts on character qualities essential for fail-proof biblical leadership. Using his hallmark style and drawing on years of experience in expository teaching and preaching, MacArthur takes readers to key scriptural passages that illuminate the traits of a great leader.

The Book on Leadership is a beacon of reasoned thought and hope for believers throughout the body of Christ. In the face of a leadership vacuum and too many failures, there are biblically based standards for quality leaders who can rise to the challenges of this generation and stay the course.