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208 pages
Mar 2004
Thomas Nelson

The Heartache No One Sees : Real Healing for a Woman's Wounded Heart

by Sheila Walsh

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“Deep and healing describe Sheila Walsh's latest title, The Heartache No One Sees. I have long believed the one common denominator for all people is pain. We're accustomed to hiding our wounded hearts under a smile and the expected reply 'I'm fine,' in response to the usual 'How are you?'

“Walsh writes, ‘Childhood pain or abuse sets a child up to accept that it is normal to have others invade her space and dictate her choices. Even when I grew into an adult, I still felt like a child inside. I felt an overwhelming obligation to please others, so I would do what they thought I should do whether I agreed with it or not, but often I held great resentment in my heart. I began to learn that I get to choose whether to say yes or no to someone, and that's okay. By God's grace I was slowly learning to let go of my need for others' approval.’

“Drawing from her own painful childhood experiences, and her life-changing bout with depression, Walsh acknowledges that God is still good and He still loves us. From her years as co-host of the 700 Club which presented miraculous stories of marriages and bodies healed, and relationships restored, Walsh notes that not all marriages are restored, Godly people die from disease every day, and many parents don't live to see their children redeemed from the bad choices they have made.

“If you are feeling like your church has let you down, if your heart is broken and you feel dead inside but no one else notices your pain, this book is great (and inexpensive!) counseling. Quoting the story of the neighbors who unbound Lazarus after Jesus raised him from the dead, Walsh wrote, ‘I have paid someone eighty dollars an hour to listen to the truth about my life and help me get on the path back home. I don't regret one cent of it, but that is the job of the church. We are supposed to be a healing community, bathed in grace and love, unbinding one another so that we can walk.’

“As the author of What To Do When You Don't Want To Go To Church, I say a hearty amen. Indeed, the church functions at its finest when it serves as a trauma center for emotional and spiritual emergencies including treatment for broken hearts, calamity-induced concussions, circumstantial shock, strained relationships, verbal malpractice, and a lacerated sense of self-worth. Walsh's book is a big step in the direction of vulnerability, honesty, and grace as the Christian community seeks God's face rather than only the gifts of His hand.

The Heartache No One Sees is divided into three parts – Heartache, Warfare, and Community. Each chapter ends with a brief prayer and application questions. A Bible study is included at the back of the book to facilitate digging deeper.

“I wanted to read this book fast to get to each next application. I also wanted to read it slowly to allow the truths to sink deep into my heart. I think I'll just read it again.” – PeggySue Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Best-selling author and popular Women of Faith™ speaker Sheila Walsh offers women a heart-felt message of hope and healing for their wounded souls.

At a time that should have been considered the highlight of her career, Sheila Walsh admitted herself to the psychiatric wing of a Washington, D.C. hospital. Having worked for five years as cohost of The 700 Club, the years of treading water while trying to keep so much around her afloat and keep various plates spinning left her drowning in a hopeless sea of clinical depression. Despite her best efforts, she simply couldn’t will herself out of it.

Now more than ten years later, Sheila understands what it’s like to be wounded. It has been the passion of her heart to study what God’s Word has to say about this and then share her liberty with other hurting souls. Divided into three sections (Healing, Spiritual Warfare, and Relationship), this book offers readers practical steps to not only receive the healing that God offers but also to maintain the ground that Christ has restored to them.