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240 pages
Oct 2005
Nelson Books

Living the Extraordinary Life: 9 Principles to Discover It

by Charles F. Stanley

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Living the Extraordinary Life by Charles Stanley provides the path to abundant living for both the Christian and the unbeliever looking for answers in today’s hectic society.

It is a study of nine principles that Dr. Stanley has discovered in his walk with the Lord. They include: God’s Grace is the Starting Point; Trust the Lord, and He will move Heaven and Earth to Accomplish His Purpose; Obedience Always Brings Blessing; Knowing God’s Will is Worth the Wait; and Fight Your Battles on Your Knees, and You’ll Win Every Time.

"Are you wrestling against forces that seem out of your control? Is life’s treadmill going faster that you are? If you answer yes…you are running your own life." And therein lies the problem for each of us. In this age of instant everything, if we don’t get—or find—the answer yesterday, we ignore God and try to solve problems our way.

Dr. Stanley shows through Scripture and example the wisdom and blessing that is ours when we slow down, prioritize, and submit to God. We were created with a "God" hole in us. When we try to fill that place with anything but God, we are bound to fail. When we ignore God’s rules and warnings, we set ourselves up to fall.

Developing a relationship with our Father takes time and effort, but is worth it. His way is seldom easy, but yielding to it always results in blessing and a deeper relationship with Him. The fruit of the Spirit is proof of His love to us and through us to others. It is proof of the Extraordinary Life possible to each one of us.

Living the Extraordinary Life is a great Bible study for individuals or small groups. At the end of each chapter there are a few questions and extra Scriptures to study. He also has provided journaling pages at the back. – Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

To many in the world, the Christian faith is a set of rules and regulations. But Jesus himself did not teach his followers in sets of dos and don'ts; he taught them foundational principles to live by. These life principles, Charles Stanley says, are the simple truths that act as a compass for our souls.

You will learn:

Your life is a Masterpiece

Waiting on God is not passive

Disappointments are inevitable, but discouragement is a choice

You were created with eternity in your heart

God assumes full responsibility for your needs when you obey Him

Using examples from his own personal experiences, Biblical personalities, and case studies, Dr. Stanley demonstrates how these key life principles impact life in the 21st century-and how they make us, as Christians, different from those who live their lives according to preference, rather than principles.