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384 pages
Dec 2003

Deep Focus: Devotions for Living the Word

by Stephen Graves, Thomas Addington

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“All of us would like to have a deeper spiritual focus, and we all know that a daily quiet time with the Lord is essential to gaining that. In their inspirational book, Deep Focus, Stephen R. Graves and Thomas G. Addington seek to help us grow into a clearer, more profound understanding of God and His word, and to comprehend more fully what that means in the context of our daily existence. Knowing from experience that life’s struggles can try our faith, the authors build their devotional thoughts upon the writings of the New Testament epistles, allowing the Bible itself to bring the battles of daily living into perspective.

“Through its more than two-hundred individual reflections, Deep Focus guides the reader through the letters of Paul, Peter, and John, expounding upon their words of encouragement and instruction to the early church, and then applying those lessons to the world of today. Each chapter focuses on one New Testament book, and thus becomes a kind-of Bible study, concentrating on the various concepts specific to each New Testament writing. Graves and Addington have years of experience to bring to these writings, for they have been partnering in teaching, writing, and speaking for over a decade. They are the founders of Cornerstone Group Consulting and the Life@Work journal, and are the authors of Life@Work on Leadership, Behind the Bottom Line, and Clout.

“‘Life with God is really more about relationship than it is about rules,’ say Graves and Addington. Issues such as forgiveness, unity, handling disagreement, and understanding the promises of God, are just a few examples of the topics covered in this excellent collection of devotionals.

“I highly recommend this book. While there are scores of devotionals available, still, there is an ongoing need for fresh concepts and divinely inspired encouragement. This book provides that, and is well suited for men and women from all walks of life and in all levels of spiritual growth.” -- Nancy K. Brown, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Using the letters of the apostles from the New Testament, this collection of 250 inspirational reflections helps readers integrate faith with the realities of life at work and at home. Both highly practical and deeply spiritual, Deep Focus offers the guidance you need to grow in your faith and understanding by combining timeless biblical wisdom with real-world interpretation and reflection.