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208 pages
Mar 2004

Kids Say the Best Things About Life: Devotions and Conversations for Families on the Go

by Dandi Daley Mackall

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“Did you know that cows lie down before a rain, but frogs just croak louder? Did you know that if you count the number of cricket chirps you hear in 15 seconds, and add 37, you’ve got the current temperature? Our family was delighted with these fascinating facts about God’s creation strewn throughout Kids Say the Best Things About God.

“Mackall’s small book with the colorful hardcover provides 30 days of devotions and conversations for families on the go. The plan is that families gather in the morning to read a funny quote from a kid like this one, ‘Does God allow eating ice cream in his living room?’ Next is a scripture passage under the heading ’What God Says,’ followed by ’The Big Idea’ which expands on the day’s main thought such as worry, temptation, or sharing.

“Each lesson provides four instructive questions to take with you throughout the day like, ‘In what way do you blend in with other people at school or work or in the neighborhood? In what ways do you stand out, different because of your faith in Christ?’ The morning family devotion time ends with a printed parting prayer. The final section of each day’s devotion is the ‘End of the Day Report’ when family members share events of the day by answering four questions. ‘You could have the discussion on the way to a ball game, over a hamburger at a fast-food place, or during a TV commercial,’ the author suggested. A final scripture passage wraps up the day’s lesson.

“My family found the outline was too ambitious for us to get through each day. We tailored the lessons to fit our family by asking one good question from each list of four.

“A busy writer and mother of three, author Dandi Daley Mackall writes books and articles from her home in Ohio. Kids Say the Best Things About God is a no-preparation devotional book designed to help families on the go stay spiritually connected.” – PeggySue Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Kids Say the Best Things About Life offers family-centered devotions and conversations that will help you pull your family members together for five minutes (or less) at the start of every day. Each of the book’s devotions begins with a humorous quote from a child and uses interesting, fun facts to coordinate the day’s themes. The book then presents specific challenges and ideas for ways the whole family can use the day’s spiritual truth that day. And when the busy day is over, gather the family together once more for an end-of-the-day review of how all of you have used the morning’s thought throughout the day.