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224 pages
Oct 2003
Baker Books

The Red Suit Diaries: A Real-Life Santa on Hopes, Dreams, and Childlike Faith

by Ed Butchart

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"For more than a dozen years Ed Butchart has donned a red and white Santa Claus outfit and has gone out to churches, hospitals, nursing homes, and orphanages to bring joy to children (of all ages). His book, The Red Suit Diaries, is a compendium of true stories about his escapades, adventures, and experiences in and around Atlanta, Georgia. People who told Ed they just wanted a quick picture with Santa wound up telling him their heartfelt needs, concerns, worries, dreams, fears, and desires. He became a counselor and friend to hundreds of strangers who felt more comfortable talking to ‘Santa’ than to a counselor, pastor, or neighbor.

"Entwined in these stories is a greater story. Butchart is the founder of Friends of Disabled Adults and Children, an organization that repairs and maintains medical equipment for disabled people all over the world.

"On his acknowledgements page Butchart writes, 'It is my hope that you'll find these words entertaining, provoking, and heartwarming.' And, although the stories are not as provoking as some of the book's publicity advocates, there is a great deal of humor, fun, and homespun wisdom found here. It is worthwhile reading, and not just for the Christmas season.

"Anyone wishing to restore the joy of believing in Santa Claus, or at least the qualities he represents, will find this an easy book to read and relate to.

"If you are someone who can laugh at candid stories, smile at the innocence of a child, and marvel at the simple faith of God-fearing people, then this book will be worth its cost to you." -- Jennifer Logue, Christian Book Previews

Book Jacket:

From: You know who

You don't have to wait for Christmas to open this package! Inside, professional Santa Ed Butchart shares how as a once-hardened Marine he found God and began to serve others in inspiring ways. You'll be transfixed by the adventures of this real-life Santa:

  • discover the joy he spreads in his year-round workshop, refurbishing medical equipment for the disabled

  • delight in the sweetest of secrets children whisper in Santa's ear

  • warm your heart with Santa's story of how he found "Mrs. Claus"

You'll also enjoy Santa's personal mail, written from hopeful kids who tell Santa their good deeds and ask for some interesting things in return.

From laugh-out loud funny to unforgettably moving, The Red Suit Diaries shows how everyone can celebrate the spirit of Santa--and how you can keep Christmas in your heart every day by nurturing a childlike faith that lasts all year round.