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272 pages
Feb 2005
Baker Publishing Group

High Definition Life: Trading Life's Good for God's Best

by Luis Palau with Steve Halliday

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When Luis Palau writes a book, I take notes. His sincere writing style combined with his spiritual wisdom always offers readers some realistic and practical teaching. This book does all that and more. These pages actually pulse with excitement! Jesus promised us an abundant life, and this writer offers everyone a chance to experience that blessed pledge.

Each chapter focuses on a key area of life and then compares the worldís response to Godís Word. For instance, the fleeting aspect of pleasure is contrasted with the endurance of true happiness. The superiority and the stability of success over achievement is analyzed. The differences between hope and positive thinking are also examined in the light of today and in the expectation of eternity. Yet, even though the topics are varied, the underlying theme is reaching for the best that God offers. Readers will understand that their wildest dreams are possible with God, but they first need to think outside the boundaries of conventional wisdom.

While the message of this book is truly insightful, itís the writing style that gives authority to these words. Luis Palau is someone who reaches for the best in his own life. He has seen and experienced a fuller relationship with the Lord and readers can trust his advice and admonitions. Itís obvious that this book was written to be experienced, and not just to be read casually. There is life-changing wisdom here and itís all spelled out with a clarity and compassion that everyone will be able to feel.

High Definition Life raises the bar on Christian living, by first raising the hope of all believers. -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In your heart of hearts, what do you long for? And what--when it comes right down to it--do you settle for?

With engaging simplicity, Luis Palau helps you bridge that gap as you move from a good-enough life to one lived at its peak, brimming with love, significance, and hope.

In High Definition Life, Palau shares how you can stop settling for less and choose God's absolute best. Identifying ten key areas of life, this internationally renowned evangelist guides you from passing pleasures into genuine happiness, from momentary achievement into life-long success, from harried activity into authentic significance. Palau's easy-to-read conversational style and gripping illustrations show you how to experience fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams.