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208 pages
Sep 2008

More Pages from the Red Suit Diaries: A Real-Life Santa Shares Hopes, Dreams, and Childlike Faith

by Ed Butchart

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Ed Butchart has been a professional Santa Claus for nearly two decades, so his book More Pages from the Red Suit Diaries contains anecdotes about children, families, business executives, and church leaders that tug at the heart, bring a smile to the face, and often challenge the reader to remember what the true meaning of Christmas is all about. This sequel to his previous book Red Suit Diaries follows the identical format of the previous book, in that it presents pages from "Santa's" diary about the places he visits -- rest homes, orphanages, schools, shopping malls and the people he encounters. It turns out that Santa is trusted by people of all ages, and they will pour their hearts out to him. As a result, Santa has many true-to-life episodes to share.

One incredible story tells of how Butchart and his wife Annie (d. 2004) worked to rescue an elderly woman named Anne. This dear soul had inherited $30,000 but had been swindled out of nearly half of it by a maid who had forged checks from Anne's checkbook. The maid kept Anne drunk most of the time. When Ed was asked to check on her, he found Annie in a small apartment, dirty, starving, intoxicated, and delirious. He called an ambulance, lied and said he was her grown son, and had Annie put into a hospital. She protested vehemently, but within a week she had sobered up. Against her wishes, Ed and his wife put Anne into a rest home. In time, she made friends, became healthier, and lived another nine years. She even started to attend church, and once she referred to herself as Ed's mom, just to kid back with him for lying so that he could get her into that hospital. She confessed to him that he had saved her life. And to Ed, that's what a good Santa tries to do, improve the lives of those in need.

He admits that not all Christians like to focus on Santa Claus, but Butchart's faith is strong, and he feels he can do God's work more effectively if he approaches people as Santa rather than as a case worker. As the mini-sagas in this book prove, his method, indeed, is effective. This is the kind of book that can be read anytime of year, not just Christmas, for an uplifting sense of encouragement and joy. -- Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

Here's a gift from Santa for anyone who is a child at heart at Christmas! Ed Butchart is Santa Claus--and in his first book, The Red Suit Diaries, he made fans out of readers. His knack for celebrating Christmas all year and in all ways continues to attract readers in his new book, More Pages from the Red Suit Diaries. Anyone who loves Christmas will relish reading Butchart's stories about hearing the heartfelt wishes of children. And there's much more as Santa tells all: introductions to the real-life "elves" in Santa's world, stories of entire families' lives changed by Santa's presence, and the blessings of the valuable work he does in his workshop, refurbishing wheelchairs for thousands of disabled children and adults in need. This Santa is so much more than a jolly man in a funny suit. He's a living, breathing testament to the "faith, hope, and love" for which Christians should be known. Readers of this book will keep the giving spirit of Christmas--and of faith--in their hearts all year long.