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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Apr 2011

Project Dad: The Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide for Becoming a Great Father

by Todd Cartmell

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In Project Dad, Todd Cartmell proves that parenthood can be entertaining and invigorating, even if challenging and surprising. Drawing on years of personal experience both as a dad and a youth leader, Cartmell uses endless amounts of humor in discussing the long-lasting impact a man of quality can have on his children. There are at least 100 footnotes in this book, but none relate to reference books or scholarly texts; instead, they are silly, tongue-in-cheek side notes from Cartmell that provide perspectives on the discussions at hand, showing that none of this is rocket science, just fun and practical applications of age-old biblical wisdom.

The range of topics is vast, including how to plan family outings, how to use positive reinforcement when training children, how to provide strong role models for youngsters, how to use stories and illustrations to teach lessons to children, and how to share Bible lessons that will reveal God's wisdom to young people. The delivery is instructive without being judgmental, informative without getting preachy. The lessons cross all boundaries of fatherhood as they advance through stages of first-time dads, dads with teenagers, and even dads with sons and daughters getting ready to leave the nest.

Cartmell does not claim to have all the answers himself, so he makes references to other sources, ranging from hilarious one-liners from comedian Rodney Dangerfield to serious lectures by psychologist Gary Chapman, and sometimes people who are one in the same, such as comic/educator Dr. Bill Cosby. What makes his writing so contemporary and readable is that he makes references to well known movies ("Rocky"), classic writers (Mark Twain), pop psychologists (Dr. Phil) and famous sports figures (George Foreman). He also sites research done by respected Christian counselors (Tim Elmore, Kevin Leman).

This is enjoyable reading, indeed, but it is also a valuable handbook for Christian men who desire to rear children who are strong in faith, hard working, ethical, and well rounded. Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

Men like to build things. We like to take parts and put them together to make a whole. Did you know that this do-it-yourself talent can help you become a great dad?

In his fresh, humorous style, Todd Cartmell takes you on an action-packed journey to help you become the dad God made you to be and that your kids hope you will be. You will learn the five key areas that every great dad needs to renovate, including how you look at, talk to, connect with, act toward, and lead your children.

Cartmell shows you that you already have the raw materials at your disposal, then gives you the blueprint for putting them together. Begin your Project Dad today. Your family will never be the same.