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Trade Paperback
208 pages
Jul 2011

10 Things Jesus Never Said: And Why You Should Stop Believing Them

by Will Davis

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Will Davis, Jr. helps his readers rediscover grace in 10 Things Jesus Never Said: And Why You Should Stop Believing Them. In it, he unmasks commonly believed falsehoods about our relationship with God. The book begins with the truth of something Jesus did say: “I will give you rest” (Matt. 11:28).

With this as the foundation, Davis continues into Part 2, “Things Jesus Never Said,” by combating these lies: You’re too far gone to be saved. I’m disappointed in you. This wouldn’t be happening if you were a better Christian. It’s okay not to love certain people. Everyone should believe and act the way you do. It’s all up to you. You don’t have to forgive someone who really hurts you. You missed My will for your life. I’ve given up on you. This is a cross you must bear.

Davis also gives readers a bonus chapter about divorce, and he concludes the book reminding his readers of Matthew 11:29-30: “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

Each chapter begins with an anecdote, exposes a specific lie, reveals the truth, and then elaborates on the truth by providing “Exhibit A” in the form of a lesson either from the Bible or from Davis’s own experiences in counseling people today. Each chapter concludes with seven to ten discussion questions tailored to a small group or an individual to help apply the truths learned in the chapter.

Will Davis earned his doctor of ministry degree from Southwestern Seminary and is the founding pastor of Austin Christian Fellowship, a nondenominational church in Austin, Texas. He is also the author of Pray Big and Why Faith Makes Sense. In 10 Things Jesus Never Said, he takes readers through common lies Christians believe and brings hope and inspiration (as well as gentle admonishment) through the lens of grace. He uses Philippians 1:6 to remind his readers that salvation is a process and that “no one is ever completely sanctified until getting get to heaven.” He mentions wine and bread in communion. He believes that “it is impossible for Christians to lose their salvation,” and explains this stance in some detail in the chapter titled, “I’ve Given Up on You.”

Even if you don’t hold to his exact theology, Davis still has true and worthwhile issues to explore, lies to combat, and truths to explain. His writing is entertaining and informative, encouraging and instructive, and is for all who are seeking a relationship with God but are stunted by a guilt they cannot seem to banish. Says Davis, “If you’ve ever felt you didn’t measure up to God’s standards, it’s time to stop believing the lies and start believing the things Jesus really did say!” – Stephanie Warner,

Book Jacket:

What do you think Jesus would say to you if you were face-to-face with him right now? Many of us imagine he would say something like, "I can't believe you call yourself a Christian," "If you really loved me, you'd try harder," or "I'm so disappointed in you." But these are things Jesus never said.

10 Things Jesus Never Said unmasks commonly believed myths about our relationship with God and shows how to replace them with the truth of how Jesus really feels about us. Discussion questions at the end of each chapter help small groups or individuals apply these truths to their current situations.

If you've ever felt you didn't measure up to God's standards, it's time to stop believing the lies and start believing the things Jesus really did say!