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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Sep 2005

Marriable: Taking the Desperate Out of Dating

by Hayley & Michael DiMarco

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Marriable is written in a refreshing, down-to-earth way by Hayley and Michael DiMarco. The authors don’t sermonize or lecture, and only use the words God and Jesus a few times in passing, although most of the tenets found here are in line with Christian beliefs. Their goal is “taking the desperate out of dating.”

The early ground rules given are: look for someone who wants to be more than your best friend; find someone in your own league; always have the guy ask the girl out; and maintain the chase and mystery in any dating relationship. Unlike many other books, this one explores new aspects of dating. For example, it discusses the etiquette of online dating, and even how to find a mate by dating online. It addresses “male pornography” and “female pornography,” which is defined as addiction to romance novels. The DiMarcos dispel the notion of only having same-sex friends, stating that you don’t have to want to marry someone just to talk regularly or work with him or her.

Periodically, the authors make reference to popular celebrities. Although knowing about these people is not crucial to understanding the book, it will make some readers miss the inside jokes. Additionally, some terms may be edgy for certain readers, such as “Mr. Jesus” (p. 24), and “big fat horny liar” (p. 47). They also endorse self-marketing, claiming it is necessary if one is to find someone of compatibility in the areas of religion, education, and personal interests.

Throughout this modern, stylish book the authors use witty, light-hearted humor and candid points of view to make readers more comfortable with controversial topics. I feel the authors succeed in accomplishing their goal of realigning one’s thinking about dating and marriage, showing their readers how to rid themselves of the “desperate” and, instead, to become “marriable.” -- Stephanie Gates, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Oh great, another book about being single and finding "the one," right?

Wrong. This isn't a typical dating guidebook. The type of book you're thinking about offers a fifteen-step program, a scientific formula, or tries to spiritualize the process. But does it have chapter titles like these?

  • How Being "Just Friends" Is a Waste of Time
  • Desperate Lies Women Tell Themselves
  • Men Lie to Get What They Want Nice Guys Really Do Finish Last
  • Don't Marry Your Best Friend Unless You're Gay

In Marriable, newlyweds Hayley and Michael DiMarco offer practical wisdom for surviving singleness in the trenches. Writing from their experiences of doing it all wrong so you can do it right, Hayley and Michael set fire to the so-called "rules for dating success" and give you real dating advice that won't send a potential date running in the opposite direction.

With a witty he said/she said style, Marriable will help you expose and eliminate your desperate dating habits by helping you understand yourself-and the opposite sex. Whether you're in a new relationship or haven't dated in years, this revolutionary book will show you how to turn desperate into Marriable.