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Trade Paperback
448 pages
Aug 2005

Giver of Roses

by Kathleen Morgan

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Desperate times,
Death and destruction.
The Guardian returns,
Blind to his destiny....
The Guardian returns,
His hands filled with roses.

(p. 20)

A doomed city, desert warriors, a sorceress, a demon-possessed warrior-king, mysterious prophets and prophetesses, weeping dragons, flying dragonmaidens, a death-defying quest, and a love denied -- Kathleen Morgan gives her readers all this and more in Giver of Roses.

Over the centuries, suspicion, greed, and betrayal have sundered the peoples of Gadiel. In the capital city's greatest hour of need, the dwarves, rune lords, dragons and dragonmaids, desert lords, and elves refuse aid. Now the Dark Lord Ladon prepares to pick them off piecemeal.

Only the Guardian described in the prophecies of Athan has a chance to unite the peoples. But Prince Vartan has long ago rejected any deities, especially Athan, worshipped by his seer sister, Princess Zagiri, and his servant Danae.

When his single combat with Ladon leaves him pinned to the wintry ground helpless, he calls upon Athan to save his family. However, Ladon slaughters his parents, wife, and toddler son.

Blind, bitter, and totally dependent on Zagiri and Danae, he takes on a hopeless quest to save his country. With his love for Danae growing, he dares not speak of it to her because he thinks himself a shadow of the man he was.

The story draws on the richness of the fall of Troy for the beginning chapters. Instead of the rejected seer, sister, and prophetess Cassandra, we have Zagiri. Instead of the runaway royal lovers Paris and Helen, we have Hovan and Calandra. The Trojan hero Prince Hector and his family have become Prince Vartan and his family, and the nearly immortal Achilles has become the demon-possessed and nearly immortal Ladon.

Throughout the story, Morgan skillfully weaves questions about how God chooses to use individuals, the nature of good and evil, and the sin that drives apart men and nations.

Morgan paints the story with rich language, well-drawn characters that a reader hates to leave, and a fast-paced plot. It's not that I couldn't put the book down, but I couldn't leave it down long. I finished it in a little over 24 hours. Fantasy lovers will love Giver of Roses. -- Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

When great faith and epic conflict meet, new destinies are born

Vartan, Crown Prince of Astara, faces an invincible adversary and heartbreaking despair as he strives to protect the land of Gadiel from the enemy who would destroy his people and lay siege to their souls. Wounded, blinded, and betrayed in battle, Vartan realizes his true battle has just begun. Danae, a captive Hylean girl who saves his life, holds the key to crushing their relentless enemy. Yet only when they join forces can they summon the courage-and enduring love-to achieve a purpose greater than either has ever imagined. Together, as they face the desert folk, dragonmaids, and many physical and spiritual trials, they learn to understand truth and treachery-and to rely on God alone to help them save Gadiel.

Giver of Roses is an enchanting tale of a good man called to a heroic destiny, a woman whose life entwines with his, and a land teetering on the brink of an evil conquest. Only a holy quest can save them.