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Trade Paperback
336 pages
Sep 2005
Revell Books

Light Force: A Stirring Account of the Church Caught in the Middle East Crossfire

by Brother Andrew & Al Janssen

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Light Force (def.): those engaged in actively bringing Godís light to those who need it, no matter who they are. And who they are in this book can be very frightening. Brother Andrew, well known during the Cold War-era as Godís Smuggler, has more recently been called by his Lord to the Middle East as friend, advocate, and prayer partner of the Israelis, the Palestinians, and terrorist groups like Hamas.

An excellent, gripping, challenging book, Light Force will engender argument, questions, and a deep look at your own spiritual life. At 76 years old, Brother Andrew describes his journey to minister to the persecuted church in that region, and in the process reveals his passion for all who are lost.

The author and publisher felt Light Force to be so important they published a youth version this year. Further information about this book can be found under the title of its newer version, Operation Desert Light. Ė Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

These are the stories you haven't heard on the news. These are the people you will never forget.

In the midst of never-ending debates, protests, riots, suicide bombings, and broken peace initiatives, one man came to make a difference. Previously known for his determination to deliver Bibles behind the Iron Curtain, Brother Andrew has spent the last thirty years on a very different quest. Traveling to Lebanon, the West Bank, Gaza, and Israel, Brother Andrew has sought out church leaders and urged them not to flee the violence but to stay and strengthen their congregations to become a force for change. His mission: to bring hope to the believers caught in the crossfire of the most volatile region on earth.