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Trade Paperback
208 pages
Jan 2006

Story: Recapture The Mystery

by Steven James

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The greatest story ever told—that of Jesus—is retold in this book, Story, by one of America’s most brilliant young authors, Steven James. James retells the story from a postmodern perspective that gives it a new taste and makes the story come alive for the younger generation. James begins with the Garden of Eden and goes through to the eternal kingdom of heaven.

James has a Masters of Arts degree in storytelling. He has worked with youth at risk and has written twelve books with powerful messages for youth as well as the older generation. I have heard him speak and felt he had unusual perspectives and made a fascinating storyteller. He is a young man who loves God and is committed to following Him with his whole heart and leading others into that path also. This comes through in his writing as well.

James fills the chapters with his stories, retold Bible stories, plus free-verse poetry. His poetry, written in short lines with no caps, is lyrical and powerful—beautiful and often painful to read. For example, “the greatest scars/are not found in wounded hearts, / but in overlooked ones./there is no greater pain / than the ice of loneliness.”

This book is difficult to describe. I start to say it is not a pretty book, but then I find it is a beautiful book. It is graphic in its descriptions. The poetry is stirring and disturbing, as all good poetry should be. Men will find it especially appealing because of the style of the author: he is definitely a rule breaker. As a result, the book is not in a typical layout or religious style. Parts are hard—strong and good—no sugar coating. I would not recommend it for young teens or as a gift. If you want a book to make you view Jesus and the story of the Bible from a whole different vantage point, to feel His pain and wonder of it again, this is that book to savor and treasure. – Elece Hollis, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

"The empty tomb doesn't make sense without the cross, the cross doesn't make sense without the manger, and the manger doesn't make sense without the garden," says author Steven James. To understand Easter, it is necessary to experience the entire Christian story. Like people who walk in at the end of a movie and wonder what all the fuss is about, so too Christians need to know their history--from creation to the first sin, from Christ's first miracle to his death, and everything in between.

Story invites readers on a dramatic journey through the greatest story ever told. Using the power of imagery to move readers back to a place where they can encounter God, Steven James makes familiar Bible narratives come alive in provocative and poetic ways. Using thirty short, image-based chapters, Story makes the gospel real for a postmodern world and allows readers to meet Christ again or for the very first time.