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Trade Paperback
368 pages
Jan 2006

Return to Alastair: A Novel

by L.A. Kelly

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A trained assassin, controlled by drugs, Tahn could not escape the Lord. In the first book of this edge-of-your-seat series set in the Middle Ages, titled Tahn, we learn how God hunted Tahn down and helped him escape. The breathless plunge from adventure to adventure presented in the first book, continues in this second book, Return to Alastair. Living in peace and joy, aided by a sweet woman’s love, Tahn now knows the Lord as his Savior and King. But his past still haunts him. Is it possible that the desperate, murderous nature he once had could return and harm his loved ones? In soul-anguish, Tahn returns to Alastair, the town where he had been known as a despicable person. The town fears him, and fears themselves. But he continues despite great opposition to look for the truth about himself, and his ill-fated family and comrades.

Those who read the first book will recognize old friends in Return to Alastair, and will easily follow the plot. Those who are new to this series may become a bit perplexed when the plot relies on knowledge of the first book. L. A. Kelly capably interweaves her story with Christian ideas. Themes woven into this story include forgiveness of self and others, family and comrade love, pure passionate love between man and woman, the rights and wrongs of armed defense, and hidden sins and their fruit. Kelly adroitly builds tension and commands interest with a plot that could easily slip into melodrama, but never does. The characters grow into complete personalities as the book progresses.

This is a good read, whether read for adventure or Christian growth, or both. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Can Tahn unravel the mystery that haunts his dreams?

Once a feared mercenary, Tahn Dorn has abandoned his old ways and is building a new life. But his heart is still heavy. Though he has made peace with God, he is not fully at peace with himself.

Haunted by confusing dreams and uncertain of his growing attraction to Netta Trilett, Tahn knows he must come to terms with his past before he can look to the future. And that means embarking on a journey he knows will not be easy--to Alastair, seat of his earliest memories, a place that represents to him only torture and pain.

And so begins Tahn's search for truth, where he must face not only deep-seated fears but also old adversaries, deadly threats, and the distrust of an entire town. As he tries to unlock Alastair's secrets, tragedy is imminent. And without divine intervention, all hope of being free from the past could be lost forever.

Return to Alastair is the continuing tale of an unlikely hero who must find the courage to forgive others--and forgive himself--in order to accept the love of a good lady.