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Trade Paperback
176 pages
Sep 2006
Revell Books

I'm Dreaming of Some White Chocolate

by Rhonda Rhea

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Though writing nonfiction is nothing new for her, I’m Dreaming of Some White Chocolate is Rhonda Rhea’s first book about the Christmas season. Rhea knows the struggles many people go through during that time of the year, and her book provides help for those folks. Using amusing anecdotes that many Christian families have dealt with, Rhea helps to remind us of the true meaning of Christmas.

As Rhea reminisces about her Christmases past and ponders her present situation, she makes it easy for others to connect with and understand what she is writing about. Long lines, holiday rushes, and way too many sweets are just a few of the holiday dilemmas she singles out. Using humor and sarcasm, including numerous hysterically funny top ten lists, Rhea defines a typical Christmas. However, she doesn’t stop there.

During every moment of the holiday season, one question constantly pops up: What is the true meaning of Christmas? Is it time spent with family, sharing love, basking in expensive gifts, eating chocolate, or believing in Santa Claus? The answer is yes to all of them...if you believe in a modern, commercialized holiday. The author helps us remember that the true meaning is found in Scripture: it is Christ.

Rhea has used humor to help others with issues such as dealing with family and motherhood in her previous books, Who Put the Cat in the ‘Fridge?, Turkey Soup for the Soul, and Amusing Grace. Using that humor to make her readers laugh at every page, Rhea still finds a way to bring it all to one point. She gives good tips on how to have a real holly jolly Christmas, and they all revolve around Christ. Jesus should be the center of our lives, she reminds us, and we shouldn’t let the holiday season cause us to forget. Rhea gives a profound reminder that serves a great amount of useful information, making this book the one to have while preparing for the holidays.

I’m Dreaming of Some White Chocolate is full of fun, humor, inspirational ideas, and the message of Christ’s love. Whether you are hustling and bustling to make it through the season, or you have your shopping finished by Thanksgiving and are stress-free at Christmastime, this book makes for fun and insightful reading. – James D. Holstein, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Exchange your Christmas blahs for a few more fa-la-las

Parties, meetings, plays, gift wrapping, in-laws, and endless shopping--the busyness of the holidays can leave you bone-weary and ready to say "humbug!" to it all.

Instead of tossing out the stockings, let I'm Dreaming of Some White Chocolate revive your Christmas spirit! You'll find practical tips for de-stressing the holidays so they can be "merry and bright" once again. Filled with outrageous humor and poignant insights from Scripture, this book will remind you of the Savior's peace in the midst of ulcer-inducing activity.

It's easy to get priorities mixed up when life is too busy. So have a taste or two of White Chocolate throughout the season. It will shift your focus toward the eternal and keep you from overindulging in the temporary (like all those little barbecue sausages).