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Trade Paperback
256 pages
Mar 2007
Revell Books

The Beautiful Ache: Finding the God Who Satisfies When Life Does Not

by Leigh McLeroy

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Author Leigh McLeroy presents a strikingly simple premise in her book, The Beautiful Ache: Finding the God Who Satisfies When Life Does Not. McLeroy's point is the same as that which C.S. Lewis made years ago, that if we crave something that nothing from this world can fulfill, we must not belong here; we must belong somewhere else. Leigh McLeroy is talking about heaven, and as believers in God, she explains that the “beautiful ache” is our longing to be there.

Any believer in God can understand McLeroy's point easily enough, just by remembering his or her own personal experiences with desire for closeness with God. Full of lush description, artfully-used personal anecdotes, and creative biblical analogies, The Beautiful Ache is sure to hit home. And McLeroy's credentials as a frequent conference and event speaker as well as the author of seven books, only serve to add to her personal experience. She dishes up both for the benefit of her readers in this fragile, yet elegant, explanation of why we don't belong here.

The Beautiful Ache is not just a meditation on heaven—it is a useful acknowledgment of the feeling of not belonging, and an action plan of exactly how to use that feeling in the best way possible. Using humor, an anything but sparse collection of personal tales, and an excellent understanding of the Bible, Leigh McLeroy' delivers exactly what she promises. For anyone feeling a deep connection to God and heaven, but harboring an unsure sense of what to do about it, McLeroy will use The Beautiful Ache to point out the next step. – Meg Tepfer, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

You've felt it. It's the ache that whispers "There's more."

When the best marriage or job or adventure doesn't fully satisfy, you feel the ache. It infuses every glimpse of beauty or wonder this world can offer and leaves you even hungrier than before. It colors your disappointments and desires with equal intensity, and it should--because you were made for another kind of living in another kind of world.

However the ache touches your heart, it is a good thing. It is meant to entice and unsettle you, and draw you closer to the God who truly satisfies. In The Beautiful Ache, Leigh McLeroy's powerful writing offers the hope you need to embrace the gap between the life you know...and the life you can't help longing for.