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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Jul 2006

The Backward Life: In Pursuit of an Uncommon Faith

by Jarrod Jones

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Everyone wants a purpose. Those who trust in Christ and even those who don’t are pining for a reason to live, a hope for the future, and fulfillment in happiness. Yet, the great paradox of Scripture is that you must lose your life for the sake of Christ to find it (Matthew 10:39). It is only in the recognition that we are void of life, hope, and fulfillment without Christ, that we can gain those things through Him. Therefore, God uses the stumbling block of the gospel to cause us to break into pieces, and takes pleasure in remaking us in the image of His Son. The Backward Life takes a personal look at where you are finding your fulfillment. The warnings of a pursuit of self are gilded with the unfettered mercy, love, and grace waiting for all who humble themselves under the mighty hand of God in dependence on Jesus, the Lord and Savior of all who believe.

Written in an autobiographical and conversational fashion, this book challenges readers young and old alike to abandon the pursuit of self in exchange for a pursuit of Christ, who is the fullness of all things and in whom all things are summed up (Ephesians 1:10; 23). Jarrod Jones provides a strong argument that we were not made for ourselves, but rather for the glory of God and the pursuit of life hidden in the mercies of Christ. Through a “Solomon-like” testimony of empty endeavors, The Backwards Life warns believers away from empty self-abasement and dependence, which leads to guilt-laden and burdensome living, to a freedom found in the healing balm of life in Christ alone. – Tom Gindorf, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Get ready to get over yourself with this frank and fun discussion of how God wants us to live life. Jarrod Jones takes "backward" and uses it to show you how Jesus turns life on its head. Discover how much fuller your life can be when you revel in living as Jesus taught: giving to gain, losing to win, and turning first and last around.

In his down-to-earth style, Jarrod shines light on the lies we use to organize our lives to make ourselves the top priority. But he doesn't leave us floundering in the wake of that discovery. Instead, he gives us a real hope in the backward view of life--the only life that, in the end, truly makes sense.