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Trade Paperback
304 pages
Feb 2007
Revell Books

The Scarlet Trefoil

by L. A. Kelly

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After a life of pain, Tahn Dorn wishes only to settle down peacefully and marry the lady he loves, Netta Trilett. But when Tahn's old enemies kidnap her on the day before their wedding, joyful anticipation fades to agonizing suspense. Tahn’s enemies offer him a choice—but can he save Netta, or will the shadow of his dark past destroy both himself and the one he loves?

Set in a fictional land during the Middle Ages, The Scarlet Trefoil by L.A. Kelly is the third book in the Tahn series. It concludes the tale of Tahn Dorn, but it also stands alone. Formerly a slave to the cruel Samis, Tahn has experienced God’s grace and transforming power and fallen in love with the daughter of the nobleman Benn Trilett. In addition to battling enemies from his past, Tahn must contend with those who suspect him of greed and selfish ambition.

The novel deals extensively with the themes of love, forgiveness, and providence. Tahn and Netta’s love is a true, sacrificial love like that of Christ for the church. As a type of Christ, Tahn also displays incredible forgiveness. And throughout the book, characters seek God’s guidance and trust His protection. The story’s overarching theme is God working out His plan through the lives of those who honor Him.

Although Kelly’s novel presents worthy themes, on the literary side it falls short of the inspiring tale the author apparently intends. While some of her characters, such as Tahn, provide inspiring examples at times, they come across as too perfect at others. More significantly, the book lacks a gripping writing style, and the author would do well to focus on improving the overall quality of the writing in the future. However, her use of suggestion and symbolism to hint at events beyond the end of the novel was commendable. Some readers will enjoy this book for its adventure and positive themes, but others will walk away dissatisfied because of its lack of writing sophistication. – Jonathan Young, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Freed from a life of darkness, Tahn Dorn finds God's grace toward him a comfort he has never known before. He has put away his painful past and is looking forward to a bright, peaceful future with his bride-to-be. But the past returns to haunt him, threatening to ruin all that he loves.

On the eve of their blessed union, Lady Netta's gilded carriage is attacked by a team of rogue bandits hired by the ruthless Baron Lionell Trent. Despite the baron's noble talk and pretended peace, Lionell lures Tahn into a trap that will secure his own hold on the House of Trent. Can Tahn free his true love? Or will his dream be forever lost?