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208 pages
Sep 2007

One Tough Mother

by Julie Barnhill

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Have you ever had a friend whose vivacity, common sense, and humor could drive home a point while keeping you in stitches for hours? If so, you will understand and enjoy Julie Barnhill’s new book, One Tough Mother.

Written for the woman who wants to be a good mom in a wimpy mom world, One Tough Mother introduces us to Merle, the mom whose kids never threw a tantrum for candy in Walmart, never tried to see if the cat could swim in the toilet, and never announced in the checkout lane at the grocery store in a loud voice that they chewed their toenails. When around Merle, even the neighborhood kids didn’t do those things.

Alas! The experts have whittled off that sterner stuff from most of us, who want to be good moms, loving moms, understanding friends to our children so that we don’t damage their little psyches. But Barnhill offers us hope and help in the form of ten nonnegotiables, such as “delight in your perfectly ordinary kid” and “say no as though you mean it.” She does not pull the drill sergeant routine on us, making us feel more inadequate, but lifts and encourages us with her personal anecdotes and humor. Besides, as the mother of three, she’s been through a lot of the same trials and insecurities that we face with our children.

Barnhill writes in a vibrant, outgoing style that reminds me of sitting down with a zany, uninhibited friend at the kitchen table. She blends scriptural wisdom, common sense, and humor into tasty bites of how-to and encouragement. A popular speaker, as well as writer, she communicates vividly. She wants her readers to be “rooted, established, and built up.” (Colossians 2:7) This is by no means a Bible study on motherhood. Scripture references are occasional, though the wisdom from it is plentiful. Because she deals with everyday issues, she connects with readers.

Readers may find She’s Gonna Blow: Real Help for Moms Dealing with Anger by Barnhill helpful also. -- Debbie Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

As a mom, you get a lot of advice. TV shows, magazines, friends, your own mother (and mother-in-law) are all telling you the best way to raise your kids. But all of this well-meaning counsel can paralyze you. Julie Barnhill says, "Enough already!"

Unapologetically raucous and refreshingly relevant, One Tough Mother gives you ten nonnegotiable ways to stand firm and be the mom. With a sharp wit, Julie offers you a dose of reality and a way to calm your fears about raising children.